Tiberis 2024, everything you need to know

Many very large cities of our planet are not lucky to be surrounded by the sea, but when summer, heat and sun arrive, the desire to go to the beach arises. The positive thing is that some of these places are crossed by long rivers, which allow the creation of artificial beaches on their banks. It is the case of Rome our eternal capital, where it has just been inaugurated the Tiber a beach on the river.

Where is Tiberius and the difference with the previous seasons

Tiberis is a beautiful Roman beach located more or less below Marconi Bridge that is to say the one that constitutes the junction of the two branches of the homonymous avenue that, north of the river, is located in the Portuense district, in the XII Municipality, and to the south of it in the Ostiense district, in the Ostiense area. the VIII Commune.

We therefore speak of a dock now equipped as beach on the river, full of relaxation areas, umbrellas and sunbeds, ping pong tables, football table and even beach volleyball courts. The area of ​​about 2 hectares also features water games ideal for children and a kiosk that guarantees everyone the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable, accessible, safe, clean and welcoming place. Yoga and other discipline lessons are also provided, so you can enjoy the proximity to nature that embellishes the bed of the Tiber.

It is not the first time that a Rome in summer you can take advantage of this opportunity, but this year there are many new things: at sunset, and more precisely from the aperitif onwards, Tiberidi is enriched with live music events and dance evenings, for end your day in the best way. possible way.

Tiberis will become a permanent beach

But the news does not end there, because starting from October 15, that is to say the day that the Municipality of Rome established as the end of the summer season, the Tiberis area will be affected by some works that aim to create new Tiber South river parkwhich will sanction the definitive return of these precious areas to the citizens.

Tiberis will therefore become a real one permanent park, with the presence of bright water, with an anti-slip platform and a walkway, with new equipment and with the construction of a square with stairs. They will also increase the areas of trees on the shore with the aim of countering the effects of climate change. The objective, in fact, is to make the Tiber blond the largest linear park in Rome (and not only).

As you can read on the website of Municipality of Romethe first citizen, Roberto Gualtieri commented: “Having managed to stabilize such a beautiful and quality place is a source of joy for us. This river beach is just one stage of the larger project of the parks facing. Tiberis, with the winter programming also, it becomes the ninth park along the river. We will move forward, to create a single river park, the largest in Europe. We bring the Tiber to the center of the city life and Tiberis is the jewel of this project. beach size, with all the necessary services to enjoy this space.

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