with subscription and premium features in the future

Apple examine the possibility to offer some of its advanced functions with a subscription service Apple Intelligence, expanding AI services with more capabilities and collaborations. While the flagship iPhone 15 models currently offer free access to Apple Intelligence, future features may include additional specialized services.

Apple considers charging for some advanced features of the Apple Intelligence service. This development could include a subscription model, similar to the existing iCloud + service.

Free Access and Partnerships

To present users of the top models of the iPhone 15 have free access to the functions of Apple Intelligence, including the anonymous use of the technology. GPT-4 from OpenAI. Apple already has an agreement with OpenAI, which allows users to pass questions to ChatGPT when the built-in models cannot answer.

Apple Intelligence

Features and Subscriptions

In the future, Apple may offer more advanced features, such as specialized knowledge from medical or legal databases. Additionally, the company may partner with other AI providers to offer pro-level subscriptions to Apple Intelligence users.

Preparing for the future

There is also no timetable for the introduction of additional paid features. Apple will probably wait until the number of users with iPhones and other devices capable of running Apple Intelligence increases, which is expected to evolve in the next few years.


Apple’s intention to commercialize some of its advanced AI capabilities could significantly affect how users use the company’s AI services. With more specialized and collaborative capabilities, users have access to even more innovative and sophisticated services.Some of our posts may contain affiliate links. U Kitchen Greece may receive a small percentage if you click on a link and buy a product.

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