Cervical arthrosis: how to relieve the pain?

Symptoms Sharp pain in the neck like burning or stabbing. Stiffness of the neck, difficulty in making certain movements (turning the head left and right, flexing it, etc.). Sometimes, headaches and cervicobrachial neuralgia induced by muscle contractions and pinching of a nerve. Relieve cervical spondylosis on a daily basis Wear a cervical collar During an … Read more

Is egg good for high blood pressure?

According to a study, consuming at least five eggs per week could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In reality, we live in a time where eating habits vary and everyone finds consistency in what they consume. The egg is a food full of nutrients, but is it recommended for people with hypertension? Certain foods … Read more

block the joints to reduce inflammation, this is possible in some cases

What are the limitations of this injection treatment to fight osteoarthritis? The only cases affected are osteoarthritis of the knee where medical treatment has failed. The results are confirmed by other trials, especially in Japan, but with small numbers and different products injected. Hence the interest of the new ongoing study carried out with the … Read more