Xiaomi MIX Flip and Redmi K70 Ultra: the system applications leaked

Before Xiaomi announced the MIX Flip and Redmi K70 Ultra, an interesting development happened. Some system apps for two smartphones in one have been leaked channel of Telegram. The pre-launch leak of the application means that we are very close to its announcement. Xiaomi is expected to announce new products in the first week of July. The Xiaomi Clock app for the MIX Flip has been completely leaked, while the Xiaomi AI Translate app for the Redmi K70 Ultra has been revealed.

A special device called “ruyi” has been added to the Xiaomi Clock app. The codename “ruyi” is known to belong to MIX Flip. Compared to the previous Xiaomi Clock app, the new app has several lines of code related to the MIX Flip. Let’s do this comparison by looking at versions 15.26.0 and 15.30.0 of the app. The clock app for MIX Flip has version number 15.30.0. These lines of code were written by Xiaomi to make the app stick properly on the foldable device.

The Xiaomi AI Translate app for Redmi K70 Ultra is used for instant translation of subtitles and has special features for high-end devices. The Xiaomi AI Translate app shows us not only the Redmi K70 Ultra, but also some modifications for the MIX Flip and MIX FOLD 4. As you can see above, there are 3 smartphones codenamed “rothko”, “ruyi” and “goku” . These are Redmi K70 Ultra, MIX Flip and MIX FOLD 4 respectively. All this is proof that the release of the devices is very close. We compare applications with versions 4.9.3 and

Apart from these, there is nothing else let’s say. The specifications of the devices have already been leaked. The Redmi K70 Ultra will feature the Dimensity 9300 SOC, while the MIX Flip and FOLD 4 will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. Both chips are extremely powerful and we are waiting for the new smartphones.

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