The scourge of empty homes explodes in Normandy, the region takes action

It is a scourge that affects more than 3 million homes in France and that continues to expand. It is not a question of thermal baths (the country has 4.8 million) but of empty accommodation, these uninhabited places which today concern 8.2% of the total stock. Normandy has 150,000 and is especially the region, outside of overseas, where its number has grown the most in the last decade. A phenomenon that is even less accepted that the housing crisis is getting worse and that the principle of Zero net artificialization (I will) will make construction increasingly difficult. A series of signals that pushed the Region to react.

Normandy, through its president of the regional council Hervé Morin, is looking in eight territories to try solutions that go beyond what is done today to encourage the renovation of housing. as reported by Ouest-France. This is an increase in aid for the renovation of vacant housing, the maximum amount of which will increase from 10,000 to 12,000 euros. And as this problem particularly affects less dense areas, the system could be mobilized “in municipalities of less than 500 inhabitants, which was not the case until then”. This concern for expansion also involves the extension of the regional energy renovation system from large condominiums to small complexes. And what was limited to the work in the common areas, will now concern the work on the housing as a whole.

Thermal filters

In addition, the system will not only have “real” vacant houses, but also those that are DPE it is very bad and that could become so from 2025 under the new regulation on the rental of thermal filters. A system that is not yet favored by the opposition, with environmentalists denouncing the absence of funds for this system. For their part, the socialists and affiliated parties believed that it is necessary to help the most modest and ensure that these renovations could not be used to sell short-term tourist rentals. His amendments were not accepted.

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