The best Italian cities for adventure tourism

Not only relaxing on the beach and strolling through the streets of cities and towns, adventure tourism is also enjoying increasing success among travelers who want to do it. unique and active experiences in contact with nature. This type of travel is an excellent way to discover the world from another perspective and, at the same time, to test our physical limits, returning home with an even richer and more exciting wealth of stories.

To live these intense experiences or simply to immerse yourself in nature, it is not necessary to organize trips to the other side of the world or climb Annapurna. Italy also boasts perfect destinations to satisfy your cravings desire for adrenaline and discovery. These are the best city according to lsurvey conducted by buy cycle, Europe’s bicycle market, took into consideration factors such as the number of cycle paths, bicycle tours and outdoor sports in the local area to compile this ranking. Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and pack your bag: let’s go!

Milan: the number one destination for cyclists

In the first place we find Milan, especially in terms of the world of cycling. The second largest city in Italy boasts 13,397 cycling routes in the local area, for a total length of 1,941,104 kilometers. In the category of green spaceshowever, it ranks second with 142 areas e 704 routes walk It only takes a few kilometers to reach beautiful trails such as those present within the Fagiana Reserve or the famous trekking towards Monte San Primo. In water sports it occupies the eleventh place, while it is ninth in the dedicated categoryclimbing. Milan, in fact, offers 30 routes everything is worth trying.

Rome: between water sports and green spaces

The Eternal City not only offers an invaluable historical and artistic heritage, but also many outdoor activities ideal for those who want to visit the city and do not want to give up activities related to adventure tourism. Romein fact, it is second in the ranking with its 108 bike tours (and well 11,433 cycling routes) and with its high number of natural areas and green spaces, perfect for exploring by bike. In the category dedicated to trekking routes, on the other hand, it ranks eighth thanks to the 577 tracks located within a radius of 8 km, from the Simbruini Mountains to Monte Sempervista, both with a spectacular view.

Although it is far from the coast, the capital also obtained the sixth place in the category of water sports. The Tiber is the perfect place for urban rafting on the river, while the coast, exposed to the winds, is ideal for those who practice kitesurfing.

Trieste: the climbing paradise

We remain in Northern Italy with Trieste in third position, first in the category of the best Italian destinations for those who love to do it. climbing. Thanks to its geographical position and the variety of rocks that surround it, it boasts well 873 streets: in the Carso di Trieste, in fact, you will find an area rich in calcareous formations that offer adventurous vertical walls, overhangs, dihedrals, spikes and columns, suitable for all levels of difficulty and preparation. In the field of excursionsHowever, Trieste gets on the podium, occupying the third position thanks to its team 712 itineraryfrom the caves of the Val Rosandra Nature Reserve to the Falesia di Duino Regional Nature Reserve, up to the summits of Monte Lanaro and Monte Orsario.

Trieste is also the ideal destination for the cyclists: with his 2,814 cycling routes for a total length of 444,228 km, it wins respectively fifth and third place. While as for the green spacesis third with 75 places.

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