5 tips to become an expert in mobile photography with HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro!

U HUAWEI pure 70 pro continues the unique legacy of the legendary series pwhich for years determined the developments in its neuralgic sector mobile photograph. Its new flagship HUAWEI it’s the last photo shoot smartphones (and not unjustly), as in the hands of each user can be transformed into one stateofhim Art powerful tool of creation and expression. If it belongs to their professionals content creationsbe the mobile Pictures are your hobby, the pure 70 pro is designed to successfully respond to any photographic scenario, no matter how demanding it is! Because of course we were not all born experts in the pictures with a mobile device, below you will find a series of simple and understandable recommendations to become mobile experts in a time… dated!

1. Explore the possibilities of your bedroom!

To be able to achieve a perfect photographic result, you must fully understand the settings and functions that the Pura 70 Pro camera setup gives you. For example, you can see where the settings are for HDR. The grid lines but also the different shooting modes (Manual, Portrait, Night Mode, etc.). And although Pura 70 Pro is based on sophisticated algorithms that make your life easier by interfering with the photographic result, playing with the manual Pro Mode is where your star as an aspiring photographer will shine. For example, you can control the ISO, set the shutter speed and adjust the white balance. Learn more about the capabilities of Pro Mode, you will gain more control over your shots than in automatic mode.

2. Pay attention to the… lighting!

We recommend using natural light (whenever possible). The ideal times for shooting are morning and afternoon which gives a soft and warm light to your photos. We recommend avoiding direct light at all costs, as the midday sun is accompanied by strong reflections that can spoil the photographic effect. Of course, if you want to shoot where the light is … absent (night shots, at home), then the Pura 70 Pro with its sophisticated Night Mode will act, literally turning the night into … day!

3. Composition techniques!

The “rule of thirds” will help you a lot to center the main subject of your photo. Use the grid lines (they help align your shot, keep the horizons horizontal) to divide your frame into nine equal parts and place your subject on these lines or their intersections. At the same time, you can incorporate natural lines (roads, paths, buildings) that lead the viewer’s eye to the subject, while often natural elements (such as windows or branches) can enhance the central subject, adding more depth to the photo.

4. Experiment with Perspectives and Angles

Pay attention to different angles, so you don’t have to take all the photos from eye level every time. Experiment with low angles (worm’s eye view), high angles (bird’s eye view) and unusual perspectives to make your photos more dynamic and interesting.

5. Digital is good zoom but you prefer… oroptical!

Without a doubt, HUAWEI’s Pura 70 Pro has the best zoom in the smartphone world, even allowing shots that reach up to… the moon. However, in many cases (and where possible) we recommend getting physically closer to your subject, as with the optical zoom of the Pura 70 Pro, you are guaranteed a better quality, without annoying noise.

BONUS! The… cleaning (of the lens) is half nobility!

Be sure to clean the camera lens regularly with a microfiber cloth, applying gentle movements. Dust, fingerprints and smudges can significantly affect image clarity and sharpness.

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