We’ll probably pay a subscription for some of Apple’s AI features

According to Mark Gurman, Bloomberg reporter, the Apple eventually plans to turn some of its AI features into paid services, similar to its subscriptions iCloud+.

Publish their latest newsletter Power OnU Gourmet said that while the Apple Intelligence service will initially be available for free, Apple’s long-term plan is to launch something like “Apple Intelligence+“, with additional features that users pay a monthly subscription to access.

Making its AI functions an additional source of income will allow Apple to compensate for the slowing rate of hardware updates and make the company less dependent on this area to enhance its profitability, Gurman argues.

Apple is also expected to receive a portion of the revenue every time a user signs up for features offered by its AI partners, such as ChatGPT provided by OpenAI. Gurman emphasizes that he expects Apple to reach an agreement with Google and Anthropic to offer their AI services through their devices, with the former expected to be announced when Apple Intelligence is released in the fall as part of iOS 18 .of iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia. .

Bloomberg previously reported that Apple rejected a partnership AI with the main Facebook company Meta for privacy issues. Meanwhile, Apple is said to be looking into partnerships for the Chinese market, where ChatGPT and other similar AI services are not available.

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