AirPods with IR Camera: the future of the next Apple headphones

The upcoming AirPods she Apple can incorporate infrared cameras (IR) until 2026, which offers new features and updated functionality for users. This update, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, will improve the user experience, especially when combined with the Apple Vision Pro and other future Apple headphones.

New features of AirPods with IR Camera

IR cameras are expected to offer two main functions:

1. Manipulations in the air: :

Users will be able to control media playback without touching the AirPods. This feature will allow users to change songs, adjust the volume, and pause or play just with gestures in the air.

2. Experience Enhanced Surround Sound: :

U AirPods with IR cameras they will be able to detect the movements of the user’s head and adjust the direction of the sound according to this movement. This will enhance the spatial audio experience, making the sound more realistic and immersive when used with Apple Vision Pro.

AirPods cameras

Production and Availability

Foxconn supplies 18-20 million infrared cameras annually. This will allow Apple to produce up to 10 million AirPods with IR cameras in 2026. This ability will strengthen the Apple ecosystem, giving users even more reasons to invest in the company’s devices.

The Future of AirPods and the Apple Ecosystem

The incorporation of IR cameras in AirPods is a big step for Apple. In addition to new management functions and improved sound, AirPods continue to integrate harmoniously into the Apple ecosystem, improving the overall experience of using the company’s products. With this move, Apple aims to maintain and strengthen its position in the market of wireless headphones and smart devices.


The new AirPods with infrared cameras are expected to revolutionize the use of wireless headphones, offering an improved spatial audio experience and new ways to control the devices. With the support of Foxconn and the integration of new technologies, Apple continues to innovate, offering its users even more choices and a better experience.

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