The very nice added value of the Le Pen clan with the resale of their house in Rueuil

The Le Pen family has sold one of their villas for 2.5 million euros. They bought it 11 years ago for 720,200 euros.

The Le Pens got a very good deal. Challenges says the family sold their property in Rueil-Malmaison. A 300 m² residence with nine rooms on two floors, a 1,600 m² garden and a swimming pool, which constitutes the real home of Jean-Marie Le Pen and his wife Jany. The house, nicknamed La Bonbonnière, was 50% owned by Jean-Marie Le Pen, 25% by Marine Le Pen and 25% by her sister Yann Le Pen.

On November 13, 2023, this house was sold to a real estate company owned 80% by François Durvye, CEO of Otium Capital and 20% by Pierre-Edouard Stérin, owner of Otium Capital, inventor of Smartbox gift boxes, billionaire and having anti-abortion political positions. François Durvye confirms this real estate transaction to Sfide, Pierre-Edouard Stérin, on the other hand, says “not to be aware”. For his part, Jean-Marie Le Pen will continue to live in this villa.

Recovery Clause

But in this case, the added value obtained is of concern. When the Le Pens bought this house in 2012, they took advantage of a “repurchase” claim. A little flashback: Jany Le Pen’s ex-husband owned the house between 1965 and 1987. At that time, he negotiated the possibility to buy back his villa at the price at which he sold it in 1987, ie 2 million francs.

25 years later, the Le Pen clan had won the right, in court, to activate the mechanism. Thus, in December 2012 they paid 336,000 euros to which they added Jany Le Pen’s rent arrears (384,200 euros). A total of 720,200 euros.

And they sold it for 2.5 million euros, which represents a profit of 1.8 million in eleven years. So Jean-Marie Le Pen gets 890,000 euros of profits and the two sisters 445,000 euros.

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