the proposal of the RN on the DPE divides the sector

The National Rally would like to lift the bans related to DPE. A proposal that divides real estate professionals, for various reasons.

Among the campaign promises of the candidates for the legislative elections, one has attracted a lot of attention. At least in the real estate world. The National Rally thinks about remove the rental ban thermal filters. In an interview on France 2, Jordan Bardella announced: “I have, first of all, relax regulations on DPE. Today, the prohibitions related to the energy performance diagnosis, when you want to sell your house or rent, are so complicated that it immobilizes and paralyzes the entire housing market. .

The JDD specifies that the DPE would be maintained as a measurement instrument. He could estimate the renovation work to be done, but the rental ban would be abandoned.

“The term is unsustainable”

And some professionals widely understand this position. Loïc Cantin, president of Fnaim, is angry: “We will not be against it.” He explains: “For months we have been hammering the fact that the deadline is unsustainable (…) Fnaim is committed to the renewal but the schedule is contrary to the interest and the balance of the markets.” If for him, the renewal is “inevitable, inevitable”, this “forced march is counterproductive”.

According to Loïc Cantin, the ban on the rental of thermal filters is “excessive ambition” that will hit hard a rental sector that is already suffering its worst crisis in 50 years. It therefore advocates incentives rather than sanctions.

“The owners want to renew”

A completely different story for Arnaud Hacquart, CEO of Imodirect, an online real estate agency dedicated to tenant search and rental management activities. According to him, “Jordan Bardella is aimed at the wrong target”. And he explains: “the owners want to renovate. Housing G is not going to attract the best applications. And the owners want to have good tenants who stay for a long time.” For him, the owners’ awareness is there and “there are interesting aids when you know how to use them”. So the heart of the problem is the rest.

“The banks do not want to be involved, we need to attack the banks, especially since there are ways to guarantee loans because there are rents. And he insists: “The banks do not know how to finance a service like the insulation”.

For him, the block is here and that is why there are still not enough renovations and therefore G-rated risks of leaving the rental market in 6 months. He therefore advocates a relaxation of the schedule but above all not to lift the prohibitions related to the ECD. Especially since the renovations “bring work for many companies, VAT, a reduction in energy bills, not to mention the ecology”.

An argument echoed by Sylvain Lefevre, president of Synergiec, national intermediary in banking operations, and in payment services dedicated to energy renewal, as we explain to you. in a previous article. “The renovation represents 4 million direct and indirect jobs, especially in the territories.” Thus, the proposal of the RN “will destroy the economic future of many people”. Remember that the building is a disaster sector and that the renovation is its last lung. It remains the obligation to renew “it would be extremely dangerous for the building”.

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