“The other death” by Gisa Ruffini La Piana: a cold case of the eighties

Crime told by those who really know crime. Gisa Ruffini La Piana is the pseudonym chosen by Giusy La Piana e Simona Ruffini. For the first time, two professionals in the field of criminology have written together novels inspired by real-life cold cases. Realistic characters, true-to-life procedures and twists.

Stories that are set in different historical eras and characterized by a deep rootedness in the cities where they happened. The other death (Affiori) is the title of the first novel. Two women saying two women. A solid FBI profile, expert in facial microexpressions with a past of hunting serial killers, inextricably linked to a Sicilian criminologist skilled in survival techniques and decidedly outside the box.

Not only colleagues, but also relatives, each with a painful past and a future to be built. In addition to the typical skills of criminology and investigative psychology, the resolution of cold cases will be based on the main subjects of the two authors: from interpersonal communication strategies to the reading of facial expressions and the nonverbal behavior.

Turin, 1980. After thirty days in the hands of her captors, eighteen-year-old Veronica “Nica” Marangoni returns home. During the investigation, however, the name of the person responsible for the kidnapping remains a mystery. Thirty-seven years later, Marangoni decides to hire FBI professor Maya Lee Ray and asks her to give a face and a name to the person who planned his kidnapping.

Before deciding to accept the assignment, Maya flies to Sicily. He suggests to the criminologist Gina Isman that they solve that cold case together and, above all, he reminds them that it is time to keep the promise they made to each other as children. The two leave for Turin. They try to free Nica from the nightmare that still holds her hostage, but they have to deal with the deep darkness of her fears and a dark plan still in progress.

Giusy La Piana, writer, journalist and criminologist, is the author of essays, theatrical, television and musical texts. She specializes in Communication Sciences, Counseling and Coaching Skills, Criminological-Forensic Sciences, Investigative, Judicial and Penitentiary Psychology.
He has carried out research in pragmatics of communication and on the culture, writing and communication strategies of criminal organizations. Among his books: I don’t like to hurt myself. The criminal career of Bernardo Provenzano (Castelvecchi 2016) e If you lie I will find you – Survival manual in the daily communication jungle (Ultra 2018), Assertive – Interpersonal communication strategies (Ultra 2023).

Simona Ruffini, criminologist, writer, author and scientific consultant for Radio-TV. He has a degree in psychology, specializing in forensic and legal psychopathology and a PhD in forensic science. Expert in cold cases, he obtained the reopening of the investigation into the murder of Pasolini. He is the author of Dear Pier Paolo, I will tell you about your murder (Editions Aurora Boreale 2024). He is an internationally certified expert in facial micro-expression recognition. She writes self-help books for women who no longer love themselves.

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