Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Available in a new color Titanium Yellow

The series Galaxy S24 it was definitely a big winner for her Samsung this year thanks to the Galaxy AI capabilities of the series.

It can be assumed that a strong Galaxy S24 flagship line means the flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra it also sold incredibly well. In an attempt to spread their sales Galaxy S24 Ultra Samsung decided to release it in a new shade.

U Google added a new Mint color to Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in January and March 2023, while Apple added Yellow to the available color options for the iPhone 14 Plus. Right now, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is available in Titanium Yellow starting at $1,299 for the 256GB model. The version with 512 GB of storage costs $1,419 and the Galaxy S24 Ultra with 1 TB of storage costs $1,659.

According to Android Central, Samsung had hinted at the new color earlier this week and it was officially announced on Friday. On the same date last year, Sammy added the red and blue Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is also available in Titanium Black, Titanium Gray and Titanium Violet, which are sold online and offline. Line-exclusive colors include Titanium Green, Titanium Blue and Titanium Orange.

Adding a new color to a phone that has been out for six months is a good way to revive interest in the phone, as it generates new publicity and photos of the phone in its new color are highlighted in media coverage . The Titanium Yellow Galaxy S24 Ultra is available from Samsung and has also been spotted on the websites of American companies such as AT&T and Verizon.

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