The locations of the most famous sightings

The hypothesis is fascinating and certainly a little disturbing Don’t be alone in the Universe has sparked the imagination of millions of curious people around the world. And while scientists continue to study space, looking for traces of alien life, simple enthusiasts raise their eyes to the sky in the hope of seeing, sooner or later, a mysterious object that could belong to extraterrestrials. Throughout history there have been numerous strange and inexplicable episodes: on the occasion of World UFO Daywhich takes place on July 2, let’s find out which are the places where the most famous sightings have been.

The Roswell case and the mysterious Area 51

We can only start from small town of Roswell, located in Chaves County in the State of New Mexico: we are in the heart of the eastern United States, where a large desert plain stretches. It was here that an accident occurred that attracted the attention of the media worldwide, giving rise to a series of suggestive hypotheses that have never been completely extinguished. About 120 km from the city, on July 2, 1947, a mysterious crash occurred: An initially unidentified craft crashed into the ground, and news of an alien crash spread quickly. Despite the denials from the authorities, first the newspapers and then the various ufologists who create a conspiracy theory refer to the crash of a UFO on the ground.

To send them back even more hypothesis about extraterrestrials it was the immediate intervention of the army: in fact it was said that the soldiers recovered foreign bodies from the remains of the plane that crashed on the ground, and then taking them to the the mysterious Area 51. The latter is an experimental military base located in Nevada, about 150 km from Las Vegas. And now he owes his fame precisely to this fact. By the way, what do we know today about the object that crashed near Roswell? It would be nothing more than a sounding balloon of the Mogul military projectwhich would explain the confidentiality that has always characterized the whole affair.

Other famous sighting locations

If Roswell and Area 51 have now ended up in the legend, there are many other places where unexplained sightings have occurred. In Italy, there is a historic event that caught the attention of thousands of people: on October 27, 1954, during the Fiorentina-Pistoiese football match, the sky above. Artemio Franchi Stadium in Florence suddenly became populated with what the public defined as a mysterious band of differently shaped aircraft. On the same day, many also saw such unidentified objects Cathedral of Florence. For experts, they would only have aircraft belonging to a military operation.

Much more recent is the sighting that took place on July 15, 2019 aboard the USS Omaha, an American warship. A video, shot while the ship was off the coast of San Diego, showed some UFOs flying over the ocean. Needless to say, public opinion was immediately released: the Pentagon, apparently, went too far by declaring the images authentic, and Donald Trump, following the renewed interest in aliens, gave rise to a task force dedicated precisely to the investigation of UFOs.

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