OnePlus 13: With improved water resistance compared to the previous model

The latest rumor posted on Weibo by Digital Chat Station is about the next one OnePlus 13 and its water resistance.

In particular, DCS claims that the phone will receive IP68 and IP69 certification for dust and water resistance, and this would be quite the improvement compared to the OnePlus 12 which is only IP65 certified.

The second in the code concerns water resistance. The number 5, as on the OnePlus 12, means that the device is protected against water jets. If it is 8, then the phone can be submerged in 1 to 3 meters of water for a duration that is generally expected to be more than 30 minutes.

Rating 9 adds protection against strong water jets at high temperatures, so the OnePlus 13 will be truly water resistant.

As for dust (the first digit), the 6 that the OnePlus 13 has, like the OnePlus 12, will be classified as “dust proof”, which will not allow dust to enter. It is the highest number given smartphones.

Moving forward, the device has a micro-curved display, a battery with a capacity of about 6,000 mAh and an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

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