the itineraries between the FAI Heritage

The long-awaited appointment with the World Biodiversity Dayto, which takes place on May 22: for the occasion, the Italian Fund for the Environment (FAI) is once again organizing splendid itineraries to guide the participants to discover uncontaminated nature. Is it Walk in biodiversity, the second edition of an event that will be held over two weekends, May 18 and 19 and May 25 and 26. Let’s see which FAI assets are involved and the best rides to experience.

What are the steps of biodiversity?

Campaign #FAIbiodiversity aims to raise awareness not only of the importance of protecting nature in its complex and fragile existence, but also of the need to restore those green spaces that have disappeared in recent years, endangering the entire ecosystem . U Walk in biodiversityorganized by DO IT for the second consecutive year, they lead us to discover some of the assets protected by the organization, revealing the splendid habitats that surround them. A true immersion not only in nature, but also in the history and culture that are closely related to it.

The two appointments, scheduled for i weekend of May 18 to 19 and May 25 to 26, are therefore an unmissable opportunity to admire some of the lesser known and too often forgotten Italian beauties, thus reminding us of the importance of preserving them. We will discover some of the most beautiful itineraries to participate.

The most beautiful itineraries among the FAI Heritage

A first event not to be missed is “The wealth of urban biodiversity: Parco Sempione”, a guided tour of the Appiani Building and the paths of the great city park in the heart of Milan. It will be an opportunity to discover the importance of conserving green spaces in the city, with its many plant species that offer great richness to the urban environment. It is instead to the Monastery of Torba, in the province of Varese, which will be held “Know, discover and experience the biodiversity of the Valle d’Olona”. There are three possible excursions, to learn about the nature of the river ecosystem, to visit the monastery itself or to have fun with the little ones on a nature trail.

“Ecosistema Masino: l’api” is a wonderful event dedicated to the knowledge and protection of a tiny and very precious ally that we must preserve. U Castle of Masino and its splendid park will be the backdrop for a walk dedicated to the discovery of bees and their secret world. Between history and nature, “The massif of Grappa and Monte Fontana Secca, the mountain of the New Heroes” takes us between the peaks in the province of Belluno for a circular route in the footsteps of the Italian soldiers who participated in the First World War.

theGarden on the hill of infinity, a green oasis located in Recanati where the poet Giacum Leopardi was inspired for his famous masterpiece, hosts many very interesting events. “Know, protect and talk about biodiversity” is an event dedicated to botany, the use of medicinal plants and some of the typical excellences of the territory. Finally, “Traces, sounds and impressions from the observation of fauna and birdlife” is a real adventure among the wonderful landscapes of Bay of Ieranto, in the province of Naples. A splendid view of the sea offers the opportunity to sharpen the senses and fully immerse yourself in nature.

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