Property taxes paid last year by people brought in 10% more than in 2022

The total amount of taxes on built-up land paid by property owners in 2023 amounted to 32 billion euros compared to 29 billion euros in 2022.

It has been written a lot in recent months, in many municipalities, the ilocal taxes have literally gone up Last year. And the result of these multiple increases had an effect on the total amount of property taxes on built-up land paid by owners in 2023: 32 billion euros (compared to 29 billion euros in 2022), according to annual data published by the DGFiP. A sum that is equivalent to almost 40% of what theincome taxes.

With this increase of more than 10%, the property tax paid by natural persons stands out among the major taxes as the one that generated the most additional income between 2022 and 2023. It is enough to partially compensate the shortfall generated by the decline in the number of houses and apartments sold last year. In 2023, the transfer fees erroneously called notary fees, brought almost 5 billion euros less than in 2022.

22% growth in 5 years

This increase in property tax revenue affected just over 31 million individual property owners. And on average, according to the data (Excel) downloadable on it link, The tax authorities have sent to these taxpayers tax notices for an average amount of 1,034 euros compared to 943 euros in 2022. Of course, between 2018 and 2022, there had been, every year, increases, but at a level much below last year. In more than five years, the average amount of property tax has increased by almost 200 euros, an increase of 22% due to inflation over the same period of 14%.

However, this amount of 1034 euros must be put into perspective, because owners who have several houses or apartments increase this average. The tax authorities in France identified 10% of owners who own at least three houses, and these wealthy taxpayers received 3,889 euros in property taxes for 2023. Without obviously counting the housing tax that still applies to the second house. While for the 70% of owners who have only one house the average is limited to 679 euros.

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