In Milan, in the suite for 12,000 euros per night: how is it

Milan, as we know, is the most expensive city in Italy and it is not easy for tourists to find good solutions between hotels and apartments for rent. even B&B and hostels are expensive. Therefore, it should not be surprising to know that there are five-star hotels where a room can cost up to 12,000 euros per night. and yet, it is so. These are from the suites of the Park Hyatt Milano, whose entrance is near one of the arms of the central gallery Vittorio Emanuele, in the heart of the historic center of Milan.

Opened twenty years ago and renovated only in 2022 with an investment of 20 million euros, the Hyatt is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Lombard capital. And, precisely for this important anniversary, he inaugurated three new suites among the most expensive in Italy.

The suites from 12,000 euros per night

The three new signature suites, designed by the studio Flaviano Capriotti Architetti, take their name some symbolic places of Milan: Suite Duomo, Suite Montenapoleone and Suite Brera and they are really top. To say they are big is an understatement: the Montenapoleone (no. 601) measures 180 square meters of apartment in addition to the 35 square meters of panoramic terrace. Inside: living room, double bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, make-up corner and also the kitchen, to organize dinners in suite. The Duomo (no. 605) is a little smaller, “only” 130 m2. plus 30 terrace with jacuzzi overlooking the Duomo, from which it takes its name. The Brera suite, which extends over 100 m2. of space, however, it has 4 meter high ceilings and overlooks the glass dome of the 19th century courtyard.

The rooms, despite being in the center of Milan, are completely soundproofed. They are furnished with woodwork, precious marbles, designer furniture – including some pieces designed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni – and works of art as well as the latest high-tech discoveries.

The living room in Milan

Since its opening, this luxury hotel has always been one of the cult addresses in Milan, not only for visiting tourists, but for the Milanese themselves who love to gather for an aperitif under its famous glass dome that radiates of natural light inside the large. hall

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