The cinema train leaves, from Rome to Taormina

He’s leaving.”A 70-year-old film“, one Intercity special train of Trenitalia dedicated to Taormina Festival (which will take place from July 13 to 19 celebrating the 70th edition) that will join Rome and Taormina from July to September.

Presented on July 4 on platform 25 of Roma Termini station, it is characterized by and picturesboth internally and externally, of the most famous national and international actors and directors, thus becoming a kind of “hall of fame” itinerant capable of bringing to life the unique magic of the Seventh Art even while traveling on rails.

The new train that is an “hymn to the cinema”

“A film of 70 years” unites the capital with Messina for donation to passengers a totally immersive experience in the cinema thanks to the interior of the streets impregnated with more shots and with the graphics and colors of the famous exhibition.

During the journey, the two cars will separate when they cross the Strait of Messina, taking different directions with arrival destinations. Syracuse and Palermo, to spread the art of cinema as much as possible. Arriving in Sicily on board an Intercity (currently there are six Intercity at night and four Intercity during the day that arrive in the island every day) will give you the opportunity to take advantage of the 10% discount on the price of the entrance ticket to the Taormina Film Festival and to all events scheduled as part of the events organized by the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation.

The words of satisfaction from the protagonists

The inauguration day took place in the presence of Stefano Cuzzilla, President Trenitalia, Dominic Scida, Intercity Business Manager, Sergio BonomoExtraordinary Commissioner of the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation, Elvira Amata, Tourism, Sports and Entertainment Councilor for the Sicilian Region, Marco MüllerArtistic Director Taormina Film Festival, Gianna FrattaArtistic director of the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation.

He President of Trenitalia stated: “We are proud to present this Intercity train dedicated to the Taormina Film Festival, one of the oldest film festivals in Italy. The link between the train and the cinema is a link that has ancient roots and, with this partnership, Trenitalia’s commitment to supporting culture in all its forms, connecting territories and people with their passions, is even more concrete.

theTourism, Sports and Entertainment Councilor for the Sicilian Region instead, he commented: “One more opportunity for a significant promotion of the Taormina Festival, which adds to the close synergy already started with Trenitalia and which – I’m sure – will contribute to give evocative emotions to travelers, implementing more and more, through new immersive tools. , the enhancement of the cinematographic segment on which the Department continues to strengthen every useful and profitable action”.

Words of pride also from the Extraordinary Commissioner Taormina Art Sicilia Foundation: “Today cinematography in Sicily is a reality, we are the second oldest festival in Italy after that of Venice. I want to continue this journey with Trenitalia for another 70 years. This year’s edition will be a celebration of these 70 years, an exciting story.”

The actress, producer and writer was the witness at the ribbon cutting Chiara Franciniwhich on July 19 at 9 p.m. will present a theater/multimedia version of Ophelia’s secret love. Here are his words: “It can transmit culture via the train, which in itself is culture, it is something deeply Italian. In addition this time there is the possibility of linking the trip to the possibility of profit a region like Sicily”.

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