Summer travel is aboard a sailing ship

An exciting, “alternative” and “fresh” trip for the coming summer? From July 30 to August 8, 2024, it becomes reality thanks to an arctic expedition to see with your own eyes the wonders of one of the most remote and isolated places, Scoresby Sund the largest fjord in the world.

A unique and incredible opportunity to experience, like the pioneers of the past, sailing in on board a sailing ship and sail the waters of East Greenland.

The return of the ancient magic of exploration

Admiring the Arctic sunrise from the deck of the sailing ship, in absolute silence, while the wind fills the sails and the wood creaks underfoot: an unparalleled experience which leads to the presence of the desert and leave behind everything you know.

While the waves play with the ice and the reflections of the light, here comes the time when sailing ships sailed the oceans to seek new worlds, an indelible journey that promises the very essence of adventure and a wealth of emotions.

A world that has managed to stay wild the timeless breath of arctic nature, the seals who observe curiously, the whales that comes out of the abyss, the sea ​​birds that circle in the sky: nothing will ever be the same.

The itinerary of a truly breathtaking journey

The summer trip, on board a sailing ship, begins with the arrival from Italy toKeflavik International AirportIceland, and accommodation in Reykjavík.

The second day is finally time to start the adventure with the departure for Constable Point in Greenland, a small airport west of Hurry Inlet in Jameson Land. Here the sailboat will wait for the participants and the opportunity, if time permits, to make a first excursion in the city of Ittoqqortoormiitamong the most isolated countries in the northern hemisphere, with a small port, picturesque colorful houses and around 300 inhabitants.

After waking up on board the sail, the third day opens with the magic of longer fjord system of the planet, in the embrace of silence and the most uncontaminated and wild nature. With a length of about 350 kilometers, the Scoresby Sund is formed by icebergs, majestic cliffs, glaciers, steep and steep slopes, and inhabited by an important arctic fauna.
It takes its name from the experienced English navigator and whaler William Scoresby who explored it in the early 19th century and boasts an inlet about thirty kilometers wide that stretches from Kangikajik (Cape Brewster) to Uunarteq (Cape Tobin).
After a couple of hours of navigation between unique views and imposing blue icebergs, a stop is planned, anchoring the sailboat nearby. The port of Heklain Denmark Ø – Island of Denmarl, an island where numerous remains of Inuit houses have been found.

The fourth day, however, is dedicated to sailing west through the Føhnfjord Strait, with the granite cliffs of Milne Land on the starboard side and the basalt mountains of Gåseland to port. After landing on the red sandstone coast of the Red Island, the journey continues north past Rødefjord, a remote world often dotted with icebergs and vast expanses of ice. In the late afternoon, the arrival at the Hare Bay (Harefjord) where you can get lost in the spectacle of nature and see various specimens of arctic fauna such as the musk ox and the snow hare.

On the fifth day, break from browsing and start exploring Harefjord Bay in search of wild animals near the southern branch of the North Greenland National Parkthe largest national park in the world with its 974,000 square kilometers, while on the sixth day I return to the sailing ship to sail the spectacular waters of Scoresby Sund and theimposing Øfjord with dramatic granite walls two thousand meters high above the sea.

Excursions also on the seventh day, in the surroundings Port of Jytte or of Bear Islandswhere the landscape is designed by snow, ice, sea and rock and swept by icy winds: for those who want, Jyttes Havn will also be the ideal place to try swimming in the sea at 71 ° north latitude where the temperature can still reach . 13°C during the day.

After the wake collected from the Arctic Ocean, on the eighth day the navigation continues across the channel between the Bear Islands and Milne Land with unforgettable views of the archipelago dotted with larger islands and rocky islets.

The adventure ends on the ninth day with the farewell to Greenland and the return by plane to Iceland from where it leaves for Italy on the tenth day.

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