Forbes praises Turin, Italy’s “secret city”

“The most elegant city in Italy”for Vogue,”the Italian city is worth seeing”for the Guardian and then praised by the Telegraph, EuroNews, the New York Times and now even Forbes: Turin it charms and enchants tourists from all over the world who recognize it as always far from mass tourism, often underestimated, but rich in green spaces and history, authentic and a destination of gastronomic excellence.

One of the most beautiful walks in Italy

Looking at Turin, the praises of Forbes begin with the charm of the historic centerlargely pedestrian, where you treat yourself to “one of the most beautiful walks in Italy” in an atmosphere that you don’t feel anywhere else.

Immediately after, a mention to wine heritage of Piedmont, of which the capital is the refined city of Savoy, with the names of Alba and Asti and of beautiful wines that the land gives, from Barolo, to Barbaresco, to Barbera to Dolcetto, Moscato d’Asti and the delicious and convenient Arneis.

And then a look at the grandiose architecture of Turinto the countless and prestigious museums, to the food, to the history and to a reflection on how much it still remains a “hidden gem” (compared, for example, to Florence and Bologna) but absolutely to be seen during a trip to Italy .

The reasons why Turin won Forbes

But what are the main reasons why Turin also made Forbes fall in love?

First of all, because it is the house of greed Gianduiotto was born in Lavazza coffeeItalian excellence, and the streets of the center are scattered with historical places with marble benches and floor-to-ceiling mirrors, just like in Vienna. And then for the typical drink to taste without ifs and butshe trywith layers of coffee, hot chocolate and heavy cream (or vanilla ice cream).

But the list drawn up by Forbes of the delicacies to try in the city is just at the beginning: we are, in fact, in the presence of the homeland of Vermouth and the flagship brand Martini Rossi with “Casa Martini”, where you can give a one-hour vermouth lesson, a one-hour cocktail lesson, a two-hour factory tour and tasting and an experience. Ultimate Martini of 90 minutes with a wide tasting of products.

Turin is also considered the “Italian capital of the aperitif” as well as “city ​​of foodies“.

But gastronomic excellences are not the only ones to win the Forbes: they deserve a separate chapter. Egyptian museumwith the largest collection of its kind outside of Egypt, the National Automobile Museum, the National Film Museum and the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale, the Versailles of Italy”, summer residence of the Savoy family with works of art, large French gardens with modern art sculptures and the largest closed public park in Europe.

And, speaking of parks, how can we not mention the Valentine Parkalong the course of the Po, a green oasis with cycle paths and the perfect reconstruction of a medieval castle and village, and the Carrara Park (la Pellerina), the largest park in the city of Italy?

Finally, churches with the Basilica of Superga he Duomo guardian of the South, the Church of Great Mother of God in neoclassical style, the Church of Santa Maria del Monte dei Cappuccini and the Sanctuary of Consolata.

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