Ryan air has launched a travel offer until July 31

You haven’t organized yours yet summer holidays and are you afraid that the prices are now skyrocketing? We cannot guarantee that in most cases it is not the case, but what we can say for sure is that you can save some money on your flight: the low-cost airline. Ryanair launched an offer to travel this summer starting from just 14.99 euros one way.

The offer of Ryanair to take to the fly

Available on airline website at low cost in Ireland there is a really interesting offer: book until June 19 (inclusive) it is possible to travel to some of the most beautiful destinations of our continent (and not only) from today to the day. July 31st of this year.

There are many flights available, but you need to hurry because the tickets are not limited, especially since the starting price is only 14.99 euros anyway.

Departures are expected from all over Italy, but we at SiViaggia we thought we picked it for you the best destinations to reach and departure airports to spend dream vacations.

The best destinations to reach

If you are starting from Perugia, for only 14.99 euros you can fly Toasts, a beautiful town in Puglia that in recent days has been at the center of world attention because part of the expected G7 has also been there. Also known as the “Porta d’Oriente”, it boasts one of the most important natural harbors in Italy and is also a city with a very rich historical heritage to discover and many nearby beaches that are the most beautiful one of the another. Another great option, again for the same price, is Brussels the elegant capital of Belgium, which is full of museums and works and also an extremely lively city, so much so that it is very much loved by young people.

Starting from Turin for the same price (in addition to Brussels) you can get there Paris and this is an opportunity that should not be missed because it is precisely in the romantic capital of France that the 2024 Olympics will take place A destination to visit (at least) once in a lifetime, because it is precisely between its streets and its palaces that condense the best of European culture and history. Just think of the wonderful Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower and the extremely charming neighborhoods such as Montmartre or Marais.

Who starts from Barihowever, for only 14.99 euros you can fly towards Dubrovnik, a charming town in Croatia where the sun shines for more than 250 days of the year. From a “painful” past, today Dubrovnik is a modern and charming city, characterized by the white stone of its buildings that blends with the soft colors of the roofs, which in turn create a very suggestive contrast with the blue of the sea

Finally – but many more departure airports and destinations to arrive are available on the site – flights at 14.99 euros also for those who want to take off from the airport of Catania. In this case, we advise you to arrive Malta, a magnificent archipelago bathed by a clear Mediterranean sea, full of historical sites connected to the various origins of the island, from the Romans, the Moors, the Knights of St. John, the French and the English. There are no shortage of beaches that are more beautiful than others.

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