Florence, the best city in the world to discover on foot

Walking is good for your health, protects the planet we live on and allows us to discover the places we visit in a more intimate and profound way. But have you ever wondered what the best city in the world for walking? If this happened to you, you know that in this article you will find the answer, because according to a survey from the financial site Insider monkey this city is located in Italy and is one of the most evocative in the whole world: Florence.

How the investigation was conducted

Insider monkey conducted an investigation by which the ranking of the most walked cities in the world. This is a study that was conducted based on sources such as Tourlane e WalkScore, from where accurate scores were obtained, the distances between five main tourist attractions of each destination were mapped, the different air qualities were also verified with the I data.Air and assessed crime and safety indices to ensure walkability as well.

The site then examines all the information collected until reaching the final answer, which is ours beautiful Florence to be the most walkable place on earth, the one where it’s really nice to take a walk.

Because Florence won

Florence, pearl of Tuscany and masterpiece of the whole world, it is a city with the history of the Renaissance and the timeless architecture: both accompany the visitor step by step towards corners of pure wonder. The excellent walking of Florence is felt immediately from its historic center, full of charming narrow alleys that slowly open up to mammoth and extraordinary timeless monuments.

But that’s not all, as its main tourist attractions, such as the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Piazza del Duomo and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, are all about 800 meters away. ‘une de l’autre is easy to reach on foot in more or less 10 minutes.

According to this survey, the air qualitywhich certainly is not an aspect to be underestimated for all those who love to walk in the places they visit.

The phenomenon of the Italian walk

Go to take a walk, for us Italians, it is a very normal activity. For foreigners, however, it is a real phenomenon, a characteristic of ours that they cannot wait to experience once they set foot in this magnificent country.

If it is therefore something natural for all of us, the situation is very different for foreign tourists who see in this activity something new, to learn or even to prepare before the trip: it is not a coincidence that it is called “Italian walk“.

On the web, in fact, it is possible to find many articles in foreign languages ​​that explain, in detail, the origins of this phenomenon together with a series of recommendations to practice in the best possible way. Among the things most loved by foreigners on the Italian walk is the visual aspect – therefore being seen or observing other people walking – to such an extent that it is stressed that to practice in the most appropriate way it is often important to wear. some nice clothes.

But that’s not all, because the Italian way is also described as the ideal activity to implement the famous “game of looks”, and therefore maybe fall in love with a beautiful Italian man or woman.

Yes, because if for us it is a usual thing, for foreigners the relational aspect of a path, therefore of the particular type of socialization which has been able to involve all generations for centuries. Another very relevant aspect for foreigners is that with a walk you can appreciate and give value to simple things. Finally, the physical and psychological benefits result from taking a walk, an activity that manages to keep more active physically and mentally.

The rest of the ranking

As mentioned, Florence is the best city in the world to explore on foot, but the list certainly does not end there. Takes second place Riga, Capital of Latvia overlooking the Baltic Sea, where the main tourist attractions are all within a radius of 2.5 kilometers.

Bronze medal for Hamburgone of the most important port cities in Germany, while the fourth place is Portan extraordinary masterpiece from the North of Portugal.

The Top five closes Madrid the lively capital of Spain characterized by elegant boulevards and large, well-kept parks.

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