Optimus Gen 2: Tesla’s robot under the microscope and how it will change the industry!

As time goes on, robotics and Artificial Intelligence are becoming more and more a part of everyday life. That’s why the Tesla of Elon Musk, could not be left out of the game, investing in the development of a humanoid robot that aspires to be a game changer in industrial production. This innovative project is called Optimus (ok everyone’s mind goes to Transformers) and a few months ago, the “demon” Elon Musk announced the 2.him his generation.

The Optimus Gen 2 robot features sophisticated construction materials, boasting 22 degrees of freedom, which means it’s even capable of playing… the piano! At the same time, AI could not help but play a particularly important role in its operation, which is why Optimus is able to understand the needs of the user, adapting the way of use accordingly, according to the environment and the needs of each. user In total, it is able to perform more than 70 functions simultaneously and also has a versatile personality and voice functions.

With Optimus, the goal of Tesla and Elon Musk is to change the shape of industrial production worldwide, since Tesla’s robot is expected to take over the tasks that are exclusively performed by humans. In fact, according to Musk, it is estimated that by 2030 this robot will reduce Tesla’s workforce by 60%. In addition to leasing, Optimus is estimated to be available to other manufacturing companies in 2028, certainly raising many debatable and ethical questions regarding what will happen to employees who will largely be forced to enter the labor market, possibly looking for a different object. . Watch the video below, which explains why Optimus is the best humanoid robot in the world…

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