Cervical arthrosis: how to relieve the pain?


Sharp pain in the neck like burning or stabbing.

Stiffness of the neck, difficulty in making certain movements (turning the head left and right, flexing it, etc.).

Sometimes, headaches and cervicobrachial neuralgia induced by muscle contractions and pinching of a nerve.

Relieve cervical spondylosis on a daily basis

Wear a cervical collar

During an inflammatory attack, the slightest movement causes a very strong pain in the neck, which can radiate to the skull or arm. “It is necessary to immobilize the cervical vertebrae by wearing a foam neck until the inflammation subsides, but to keep it once the crisis has passed would be a mistake, because it leads to the loss of the tonic neck muscles, they constitute the best protection for damaged vertebrae,” warns Dr. Mondoloni.

Choose the right pillow

If it is not suitable, your pillow can maintain, or even aggravate, muscle contractures in the neck, the main source of pain in case of cervical damage. The ideal is to be rectangular. Thus, the shoulders are not raised, they come against the pillow and the head remains in the axis of the spine. Some will be relieved by a memory foam pillow, which wraps the neck and head. “Having the bed adapted to your body shape and sleeping position is not anecdotal: sleep should be a time of muscle relaxation,” emphasizes the doctor.

Consult a manual physiotherapy specialist

Physiotherapist, chiropractor and osteopath, many practices capable of relieving pain. “They will practice gentle manipulations aimed at stretch the muscles and relax the muscle knots appeared in the form of small balls”, he describes. Manipulations of the cervical vertebrae themselves must be the exception, because they can be very dangerous. Hence the importance of choosing a serious professional, “validated”. by the general practitioner, for example .

Take care of copper

“This trace element is an effective anti-inflammatory, without the side effects associated with medications, except for some intestinal disorders if used for too long, you can do a two-week treatment, with two ampoules per day, several times a the year, advises Dr. Mondoloni.

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