This property built on the remains of a monastery is for sale

When you enter the living room, you don’t expect to see a Gothic stained glass window made by the Compagnons du Tour de France and a vaulted ceiling. We are actually in an old 15th century chapel which was part of a monastery, in the historic heart of Avignon, a few steps from the Palais des Papes. The property is actually built on the remains of the Augustinian monastery and church from the 13th and 14th centuries. “The beginning of the construction of the monastery is much earlier than that of the Palace of the Popes. It began in 1261. The monastery was inhabited by monks during the Middle Ages», explains Céline Pourrot of the real estate agency Janssens Knight Frank in Avignon, which managed the sales mandate. The Augustinian bell tower, next to the residence, is one of the remaining testimonies of the Augustinian church and convent, partially destroyed during the French Revolution. An original gargoyle also surprises us in one of the attic rooms.

A Mediterranean patio of 83 square meters

The house of almost 500 square meters was renovated between 2012 and 2013 under the supervision of the architect of Bâtiments de France. He thus maintains a very strong link with his past. Its 34 square meter terrace on the second floor also offers a view of the Augustinian bell tower, as a nod to its history. A Mediterranean patio of 83 square meters calls for serenity and calm thanks to its pergola decorated with jasmine. An almost monastic tranquility. “The person who is interested in this type of property needs a sensitivity to history and energies. It is always said that monasteries were built on high vibration places with good energy. These are rejuvenating placess”, underlines Céline Pourrot.

The property also has two loggias of 4 square meters each. In total, the house has 13 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and kitchen. As soon as you enter the property, you are like in a “cocoon“but as soon as we leave the house, we find city life, likes to say to Céline Pourrot. A comfort that comes at a price, the property is offered at 2,250,000 euros, on the website of the real estate agency Janssens Knight Frank in Avignon.

The residence currently houses a guest house. It was renovated by a Parisian couple who chose to settle in Avignon. The duo bought the house in an almost abandoned state in 2012 and spent almost 16 months restoring the property. Leading elements have been installed such as a heat pump and reversible air conditioning. “The owners have renovated the house to a high standard. They took care to preserve the architectural elements of the era, without distorting the monastery. The house offers today’s comfort but with the charm of the era“, assures Céline Pourrot.

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