Centorizonti 2024, events from June 23 to September 7

This year’s summer promises to be full of events throughout our country, events not to be missed and which aim to make you discover truly irresistible places, traditions, history and nature. One of these is called “Centorizonti 2024“, and is characterized by being a real artistic and cultural journey in the corners of our country that takes your breath away.

Centorizzonti 2024, “phantasmagoric” edition.

“Fantasmagoric” is the adjective to describe this year’s edition of Centorizzonti: crossing and crossing 10 municipalities and 10 landscapes at the foot of the Monte Grappa, a majestic massif located in the Venetian foothills, encouraging interaction between places, works and the public. But that’s not all, because Centorizzonti 2024 also includes 18 extraordinary events in total, including 9 shows – of which 2 are national premieres – of theatre, dance, song and music, as well as films, guided tours, workshops and taste experiences.

Everything will start on June 23 San Zeno degli Ezzelini, in the province of Treviso, and will continue until September 7 under the organization of Echidna, with the artistic direction of Cristina Palumbo, the support of the Veneto Region, the patronage of the Province of Treviso, of the IPA Terre di Asolo and Monte Grappa and the MAB UNESCO Monte Grappa Biosphere Reserve, the collaboration of Banca Terre Venete, the Maffioli Archive and the Zago Foundation.

The program was born from the co-planning of 10 municipalities among those that make up the cultural network Centorizonti with the Municipality of Ash supported by the municipalities of Altivole, Borso del Grappa, Caerano San Marco, Castelfranco Veneto, Fonte, Loria, Possagno, Riese Pio X and San Zenone degli Ezzelini.

The aim of this interesting project, active since 2011, is to promote live art among residents and visitors, involving professional artists from the area. Trivenetoof national and emerging importance, with a preference for executive authors.

Events not to be missed

Among the events in the calendar are two world premieres by Luca Scarlini, created especially for Centorizzonti 2024. Among the artists involved, the narrator-journalist Domenico Iannacone who will bring his show “What am I doing here, in scene?” internship in a space of reflection and denunciation, and Giuseppina Casarin, director of the Chorale “Voci dal mondo” of Fonte, recently laureate of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic by President Mattarella, who will hold a free singing workshop to introduce citizens to singing. Always with the aim of actively participating the citizens who become “actors”, Lorenzo Marangoni, actor and author, world champion of the Poetry Slam, will also lead a workshop before his show to introduce the participants to his art.

To complete the rich program, theatrical walks in new places with Dedalofurioso, African percussion workshops with Moustapha Fall, the pillow fight in the square with Compagnia Il Melarancio, performance workshops with Monica Francia and Laura Boato Indaco, the Cantagiro with Cikale Comic Vocal Trio. , the show in Instagram times with Valentina Brusaferro and Martina Pittarello, multi-ethnic choirs of La Carovana della Musica, the dance of Collettivo Os, the theatrical journey on the Duse of Kaos Teatro.

Centorizzonti includes live performances in direct “dramaturgical” relationship with the territory. The different experiences offered, in fact, involve the mobility of spectators and visitors, with the important aim of making known the lands and places, known and less known, of Asolo and Castelfranco Veneto, through the action of the artists and the participation of citizens. .

The 2024 edition will favor experience multidisciplinaryand artistic languages ​​in contexts and unusual and unusual placespreferably exploiting natural light, with little technical impact and low energy consumption, paying particular attention to the characteristics of sites, buildings and landscapes.

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