a collective denounces the reform of the HLM world

41 associations and unions created the collective “Viva HLM!”. The latter denounces the text that modifies in particular the calculation of social housing quotas that must be examined in the Senate from June 18.

Associations and unions have announced the creation of the collective “Viva HLM!” two weeks before the examination of the housing project, which they consider a “major attack on social housing”. The Senate will examine it from June 18 Bill “relating to the development of affordable housing” brought by the Minister Delegate to Housing Guillaume Kasbarian.

‘We don’t care, we don’t care’: 200,000 HLM tenants ‘over the roofs’ – 05/16

The text intends to promote housing for the middle classes while the construction is half-assed, but many of its provisions make the defenders of social housing jump.

“It is a dangerous text for all tenants and especially the most precarious ones (…) It will not solve the housing crisis, but rather risks making it worse,” denounces the collective in a press release.

This collective is made up in particular of the CGT, the CFDT, Solidarity, the tenants’ defense associations and also the Collective of United Associations (CAU), which brings together 41 associations.

“Pushing landlords to raise rents”

According to this collective, the text “pushes the owners to increase the rent on the re-rent”, so that “an old HLM can be rented at the price of a new HLM, marking the gradual disappearance of the 2 million HLM at very low rental prices.” Opponents of the text also judge that it “reveals the SRU law (Solidarity and urban renewal, NDE)” as it “allows illegal municipalities to count intermediate housing (LLI) whose rents are unaffordable for the majority of the social. housing applicants.

Finally, he denounces the strengthening of the mayors’ power over the allocation or sale of social housing, which, according to him, would weaken the relocation of priority families, more precarious.

For its part, the government emphasizes the need to revive the stagnant housing production, and to encourage the local electorate to grant more construction permits. The collective calls for a demonstration on June 18 at 4:30 p.m. in front of the Senate and asks the government to “relaunch the production of social and very social housing”, to strengthen the SRU law and to regulate the land , real estate and real estate. rentals

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