Binibeca Vell wants to be close to tourism

Excessive and uncontrolled tourism creates inconvenience for local populations and ecosystems that exist around our precious world. While moving the economy, in fact, in some cases leads to a kind of abandonment of residents, who are forced to deal with poorly managed waste and many other daily problems. Precisely for this reason, a beautiful Spanish village, called Binibeca Vellthreatens to “close” its doors to tourists from all over the world.

Binibeca Vell, useful information

Binibeca Vell It is a charming almost completely white village located on the southern coast of one of the most enchanting islands in Spain: Menorca. In fact, it is one of the most characteristic villages of this precious strip of land, so much so that it is often overrun by tourists who rush to see its numerous and peculiar white houses.

Yes, because Binibeca Vell is a tourist complex recreated in the image and likeness of the small fishing villages that follow each other in the Mediterranean, a place full of white houses, narrow alleys, small bars and typical restaurants where you look like. live a dream

At the same time, the village overlooks a small port and is full of inner streets and signs that invite silence, while at a slow pace you can admire wooden balconies, picturesque doors, a beautiful church, a main square and the promenade. , perfect for unforgettable walks.

And then there is the sea, like the one that kisses us Beach of Binibeca Vell often called one of the most beautiful of all Menorca. The shape of “U”, it is surrounded by medium-sized cliffs and offers a seabed that is definitely worth observing in depth.

What is happening in Binibeca Vell

The inhabitants of Binibeca Vell have always asked for visitors calm, quiet and respectful, and they also do it with different posters hanging on the walls of the city. However, as reported in an article byItalian Journalist Agency, lately the residents are threatening completely block access to the country.

The reason for this possible choice is not found particularly in the tourists, but in the officials who would have abandoned the residents who every day have to deal with the noise generated by the constant footbridge of visitors and with the waste, which accumulates hour. after hours through the streets of this beautiful country.

Binibeca Vell certainly does not hate the travelers who get there, but what seemed obvious is that the spread of pictures of this milk-white place on social media generates a unsustainable number of tourists: It has risen to about 800,000 a year, most arriving between May and October. In 2024, one million visitors are also expected.

Because of its beauty, this village is included as a mandatory stop in all Menorca day tours, but it is also often chosen to stay for a night or more. The reality of the facts, however, is that we are talking about a small town 165 case, connected by a labyrinthine network of streets and arched passages, which will certainly enter the hearts of all its visitors, but which, probably, does not have the necessary resources to accommodate such a large number of visitors.

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