Beware, lack of sleep promotes the development of this disease, according to a study

Diabetes is a silent killer. To provide effective solutions and prevent this disease, researchers analyze the lifestyle of more than two hundred thousand people and the results of their study index lack of sleep.

U diabetes is a very widespread disease in France, especially diabetes mellitus 2 which affects 92% of patients. Some researchers have shown that the way of life would be a significant factor that promotes this disease, especially eating habits, stress from work and especially the number of hours dedicated to sleeping. Do you want to know how lack of sleep can put you at risk for diabetes? We have answers.

The need to sleep enough to be healthy

Serious analysis

To carry out this study, the researchers relied on data from the UK Biobank. They analyze the lifestyle and medical supervision of 247,867 adults over 10 years. Those who had only six hours of sleep a day had short benign durations. Similarly, those who had only three or four hours of sleep were in the category of short sleep extreme. According to science, the body needs seven to eight hours of sleep to rest every day.

Systematic monitoring

During the follow-up period, approximately 3.2% of the participants were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes Healthy food and slept less than six hours a day, the rate of diabetes increased after the examination. Researchers concluded that five hours of sleep per day increases the risk of type 2 diabetes 41%. This result remains the same if you eat a healthy diet every day, as the magazine says Slate.

What is the link between sleep and type 2 diabetes?

Many factors can explain the link between the development of diabetes mellitus 2 and lack of sleep. First of all, the organisms of people who suffer from this disease are resistant to the effects of the diseaseinsulin and the pancreas, a very important organ in the metabolism of food, produces in insignificant quantities. Not enough sleep, therefore, increases the rateFatty acids in the blood, leading to inflammation markers, while impairing insulin sensitivity. To avoid reaching such extremes, you need to get enough sleep. If you have problemsinsomniaenjoy the benefits of herbal teas.

Other factors that promote the development of diabetes mellitus 2

Stress at work

After an analysis of 222,120 men and women in Europe and the United States, researchers from University College London published a scientific journal. In this magazine it is stated that it spends more than 55 hours in the office increases the risk of catching and developing diabetes mellitus 2 by 30%. It is a disease with silent pathologies, you can suffer for a long time without knowing it. It is therefore urgent to be tested in a health center.

Sedentary lifestyle and drug use

Other factors are also designated by doctors as elements that favor the development of diabetes: lack of exercise and the consumption of narcotics such as drug, cigarettes and alcohol. Practicing regular physical activity is a habit that must be adopted to maintain health. In fact, in addition to ventilating your brain and refining yours silhouettes it gets rid of accumulated toxins.

A healthy lifestyle

Doctors and nutritionists they remain unanimous on one point. To be healthy, you must eat a healthy and balanced diet. Do not skip meals, even if you follow a regimen. Prefer natural fruits over industrialized juices. Vary your meals and make sure you’re building up your protein intake lawyers for example, for your health. By following these tips and having reasonable hours of sleep, you will avoid many diseases and especially diabetes.

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