Faced with high interest rates, a parliamentarian proposes to generalize the “portability of a loan”.

The idea is to maintain the loan conditions of a first loan for a new real estate purchase.

Using the money from the sale of your home not to pay your current loan, but to finance a new purchase, this is the principle of the portability of a loan.

The result is several tens of thousands of euros in potential savings, especially when rates they increase rapidly and strongly.

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This is demonstrated by the example of the broker Vousfinancer. A family that wanted to sell their house for 300,000 euros and that has 200,000 euros to repay on a loan at an unbeatable rate of 1%.

Put the house back on the market

With portability, this family can keep this loan. Use the 300,000 euros from the sale to buy a new house for 400,000 euros. He therefore only has 100,000 euros left to borrow under today’s conditions.

In the end, these two loans combined cost him less than 45,000 euros of interest compared to almost 130,000 in the scheme in force today that would need to recover everything in the current conditions.

The gain related to portability could therefore convince many owners to return it accommodation on the market which they maintain today so as not to lose their loan conditions.

Presented by a member of the majority, this bill will be debated at the beginning of the school year in September.

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