Is egg good for high blood pressure?

According to a study, consuming at least five eggs per week could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In reality, we live in a time where eating habits vary and everyone finds consistency in what they consume. The egg is a food full of nutrients, but is it recommended for people with hypertension?

Certain foods are known to increase blood pressure. tension, but others act in the opposite direction. The egg is a food often invited to the table, because of its high content of saturated fatty acids. However, it contains many benefits. According to a new study published in the journal Nutrients, people who consume an average of five eggs per week would have better cardiovascular health. Indeed, the egg is one of the rare foods that contains a large amount of nutrients. Is it recommended for hypertension? We will tell you everything.

The impact of the egg on cardiovascular health

Correlations between eggs and cholesterol

The eggs are cheap food in the diet is rich in nutrients. However, its consumption has long been the subject of debate, due to its high fat content. The relationship between cholesterol and eggs is complex and understanding that would allow us to adopt a healthier diet. Eggs contain minerals and vitamins, two important elements in the diet. In many countries of the world, they are affordable and easy to find. In the past, the location of these foods was the subject of controversy, this is no longer relevant. In fact, moderate consumption is an excellent source of protein and nutrientsessential for the body, he reminds us CNPO.

Eggs and hypertension

To better understand the impact of eggs cardiovascular health, scientists analyzed data from the Framingham Offspring Study composed of five thousand adults in the age group of 34 to 64. On this occasion, the health of each candidate was scrutinized via questionnaires, analyzing blood tests and medical examinations. Next, their consumption of eggs per week was examined. At the end of the analysis, the researchers concluded that the consumption of five eggs per week has no effect blood pressure and on blood sugar. On the contrary, eggs are among the foods that help lower blood pressure, in the same way as white cheese.

Eggs and the risk of heart disease

Numerous studies have highlighted the consumption of eggs and the risk of heart disease. Some of them involved observing a group of people for a defined period of time. Later, researchers used statistical methods to determine whether habits such as smoking, physical activity, andeat were related to the reduction or increase of the risk of heart disease.

Foods that lower blood pressure

The mushrooms

These foods are rich in potassium and phosphorus, two minerals that help lower blood pressure. Mushrooms also help prevent damage to the arterial wall and blockage of the arteries. Thanks to its properties in plant sterolsact on the blood cholesterol level. Can you consume regularly without worrying about your cholesterol, because of its low calorie content. The most recommended are button mushrooms and porcini mushrooms.


A 100 g portion of raw broccoli contains about 300 mg of potassium, a mineral valued for its ability to lower blood pressure. This vegetable is involved in productionaldosterone, the hormone that helps regulate the amount of sodium in the body and reduces blood pressure. Remember that other foods, such as artichokes or sweet potatoes are rich potassiumexcept that you should limit the amount of salt during and after cooking.

Linseed oil

Of all the oils, this one contains the most omega 3, an essential acid for blood circulation and blood dilation blood vessels. You can also consume it linen which contains various fibers useful for health. There are many other foods that, when consumed in small quantities, have beneficial effects on the arterial pressure.

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