8 tips for a healthier summer snack

Whoever says aperitif, often means alcohol (wine, beer, cocktails) and soft drinks (sodas, fruit juices, cocktails without alcohol) or light drinks. Your heart beats… You know that in both cases, you are faced with two potential calorie bombs, which do not provide nutrients: we speak of “empty calories”.

Another reason to moderate your consumption, these drinks keep your blood sugar levels at bay: “alcohol and sugary drinks unbalance blood sugar levelswhich has the effect of producing insulin, a hormone that keeps the sugar level constant but favors the storage of fat,” explains Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist contacted by Notre Temps. Beware of the domino effect: “the more we have these variations in blood sugar due to alcohol and cocktails, the more we store“. We therefore limit the number of drinks (no more than two drinks per occasion on average).

Cocktails are particularly deceptive because they combine sugar and alcohol and multiply the intake of carbohydrates. Compose your own “light” cocktail is a good option. “For example a virgin mojito with sparkling water, mint leaves and lemon juice “, advises our specialist.

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