Villeneuve. Accommodation suitable for seniors

In Villeneuve, as everywhere in France, the proportion of people over 65 in the population is becoming more and more significant. This gain in life expectancy is an opportunity. But we must offer the elderly and the disabled adequate housing conditions. The ELAN law of November 23, 2018 recommends inclusive housing for people who want to age while staying at home and who suffer from isolation. In our department and in our municipality, accommodation is very often scattered. Distance from services and mobility problems are handicaps for some seniors. It is to respond to these problems that the mayor of Villeneuve launched the shared housing project, led by Jean Pierre Bénazet, vice mayor.

Grouped behind the city stadium, about 450 m from the city center, 8 T2 and 4 T3 will be built to accommodate 16 to 24 seniors over 65 or people with disabilities. They will have a common room for events or receptions and green areas. A safe pedestrian route provides access to the city. Finally, a teacher will regulate the common life and provide assistance to the tenants according to their needs.

The municipality will own and manage these housing units whose plan was drawn up by the architect Maxime Arnal. The cost of the work will be €2,53,000, financed by a loan of €1.5 million over 20 years and subsidized to €1 million by the State, the Departmental Council, CASA, the Region , the FCTVA. The financial costs will be compensated by the rent payment, ie 600 € per month, for a T2, 800 € per month for a T3, plus expenses of 50 €. Tenants may benefit from APA and housing allowance.

The work must be completed on November 1, 2025. Those interested can now contact Jean Pierre Bénazet at the municipality.

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