drinking coffee with high blood pressure, good or bad idea? An expert answers

High blood pressure is characterized by a very high blood pressure on the artery walls. Many foods contribute to raising blood pressure. Find out if coffee is one of them.

To preserve your health, it is important to pay attention to your diet. If you are hypertensive, a low salt diet is highly recommended. In addition, certain foods contribute to significantly increase your blood pressure. I am one of those who find it difficult to start a day without the comforting taste of a good one Cup of coffee hot? Find out if this habit can make yours high blood pressure.

Is coffee recommended for hypertension?

The composition of coffee

Many of you appreciate the comforting smell of coffee In the morning Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most consumed drinks in the world. Long, black, narrow, with milk, it is part of the daily life of many French people and this food floods the pantries. There are two varieties: Arabic coffee which represents 75% of world production and Robusta coffee which represents 25%. Coffee mainly contains caffeine, phenolic compounds and diterpene alcohols. The latter are known for their antioxidant properties. In addition, a Norwegian study showed that coffee is the food that provides the highest intake of antioxidants.

The impact of coffee on the heart

Coffee contains a lot antioxidants and tends to increase heart rate. Coffee is a stimulant and in particular a cardiovascular stimulant among others: if you drink too much coffee, the heart rate will accelerate a little in the hours after its consumption, presents Professor Xavier Girerd, cardiologist at Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris. However, it should not be confused heartbeat with blood pressure, they are two different indicators. A racing heart does not mean that the blood pressure is high, explains the Professor.

Coffee and high blood pressure

Coffee appears to have positive effects on cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that regular consumers of coffee without excess may have less cardiovascular disease, Professor Girerd tells us. In addition, other studies have shown that the daily consumption ofone to 3 cups of coffee it has no impact on blood pressure. Hypertensive people can therefore consume coffee without restrictions. If you are a fan of this drink, you can continue to drink it, even if you have hypertension. It should also be noted that coffee does not have a hypotensive effect, so it is useless to consider it as a natural solution to lower your blood pressure.

The ideal preparation method

There are many varieties of coffee in the market. Also, the roasting process is not the same from one type of coffee to another. While some coffees have a neutral impact on blood pressure, others can lower it., explains Professor Xavier Girerd. For him, it all depends on how the coffee is prepared. In fact, the filter coffee it can lower the voltage, especially if the filter is white. However, coffee is not a natural remedy against hypertension. You should therefore continue to take your medication and adopt a lifestyle healthy, he explains The current wife.

The other virtues of coffee

In addition to its antioxidant power, coffee has a positive effect on diabetes mellitus 2 In fact, the daily consumption of four to six cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of suffering from diabetes mellitus 2 by 28% . to establish a direct link of cause and effect. In addition, coffee consumption can, in the long run, reduce endometrial cancer. These benefits are not attributed to the caffeine. You can therefore consume a decaffeinated coffee and enjoy the same virtues.

Tips to lower blood pressure

To prevent high blood pressure, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Avoid foods that are too high in salt, especially industrial products. Do regular physical activity and include foods rich in fiber in your diet. You can also practice breathing exercises which contribute to reduce the arterial pressure.

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