Trento, the city with the best quality of life in Europe

From the cleanliness of public places to safety on the streets, through cultural entertainment and the ease of finding a home: the new survey on quality of life in Europe it shows us which cities live better, those which register a higher level of satisfaction from their inhabitants. And, with a hint of surprise, we find an Italian city that is at the top of the ranking. It’s about Thirty, which holds the record not only at the national level, but also at the European level. Let’s discover something more.

Trento, the city where you live best

Bring it back “Quality of life in European cities” is the new survey carried out by the European Commission, with the contribution of Istat, to identify which cities live better. The analysis took into consideration the majority of the largest European cities, evaluating the share of citizens satisfied with their living conditions, with reference to the place where they live. Italy, from this point of view, it’s not very good. There are many situations in which the population shows signs of dissatisfaction, especially if a comparison is made with the data collected a few years ago.

A special case is the city of Thirty which in 2023 will win not only the first place in the ranking The Italian quality of life, but also in the European one. It is the city where people live best in general, with a satisfaction percentage of 95.4%. There are several indicators where the capital of Trentino Alto Adige excels – or at least achieves an excellent score. It starts with the cleaning of public areas and the presence of green spacesboth very important factors to make citizens feel comfortable outside.

They also have great prominence education and culture, which seem to find ample space in Trento. There is then a special attention to security, which allows the inhabitants to have less fear in their daily life. And although the housing problem is now a reality throughout Europe, with rising prices and the difficulty of finding houses to rent, in Trento there are undoubtedly many other advantages that they make it a livable city. That is why it is at the top of the ranking, with a rate of citizens satisfied with their lifestyle well above the European average.

The quality of life in Italy and in Europe

But how are they managed? the other Italian cities? The report is not particularly reassuring. There are some places where the quality of life expressed by the inhabitants is equal to a percentage that exceeds the European average. This is the case not only in Trento, but also in cities such as Ancona, Parma, Bolzano, Brescia, Bergamo and Trieste. However, what seems to be worrying is that in most Italian cities the inhabitants said that the satisfaction level has decreased compared to previous years. With some exceptions, of course, such as Bari and Messina.

In Europe, however, the situation is very different. Is it city ​​of the north to record the highest satisfaction rate, with high percentages a Stockholm e Copenhagen. Then the big cities of Western Europe stand out, including Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich and Vienna, but also those of Eastern Europe (especially Warsaw, Krakow and Bratislava). In any case, the primacy of Trent remains firm and is revealed an excellence on a continental level: a great satisfaction for our country, which can boast of this considerable success.

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