Tourist boom in Milan: it’s the Taylor Swift effect

Can an international music event completely change the tourist face of a city? Absolutely yes: it happened in ours Milanwhere Taylor Swift, one of the most successful artists in the history of contemporary pop music, will perform two unmissable concerts at the San Siro, the July 13 and 14 of this year. Here’s what’s happening in the fashion and design capital of the world.

More than +250% bookings in Milan during the tour

Yes, you read that right: it registers more than +250% for bookings at Milan in view of Taylor Swift’s tour, since many fans from all over the world are expected to arrive in the city of Madonna. The number of Italian travelers arriving to attend the concerts of the international pop queen is undoubtedly increasing dramatically, but foreigners, especially Americans, are also traveling.

What has been said is confirmed by the latest data from Airbnb: reservations made in 2023 and beginning of 2024 to come Milan during Taylor Swift’s 2024 Tour have grown by more than 250% compared to the same period last year. Including fans from abroad, more than 1 in 4 bookings in the world come from the United States, an increase of almost 600% in American tourists compared to the same period of July last year.

More than two-thirds of the nights booked by Americans during Taylor’s European tours are by women. In addition, almost a third of the nights during the tour in European destinations were booked by Americans. taylor swift music, finally, it fascinates generations across the board, although it is mainly Millennials (47%) who book in Europe during their concert dates, while only 14% of the American Gen Z seems driven to travel abroad for attend live performances of the singer.

Swifties come from all over the world

They are called Swiftieif they are the hottest fans of Taylor Switf, to the point of following her almost everywhere. According to data from, Many will arrive in the city, all ready to live an unforgettable experience. According to the Dutch online travel agency for booking accommodation, in fact, looking for a stay in Milan increased by 15%. While this may not seem like much, it is remarkable considering the city’s popularity (although it has grown significantly in recent years) as a travel destination.

But that’s not all, why Reservation He also made available details on the increase in research from many countries, which shows how global and without borders Taylor Swift fever: :

  • Italy: + 66%;
  • Croatia: +89%;
  • Greece: + 33%;
  • Spain: + 30%;
  • USA: +12%.

Train bookings have also doubled

There is also another study that demonstrates the incredible rush of tourists to Milan to attend the Taylor Swift concert: according to an analysis carried out by trainlineapp for buying train and bus tickets, the routes that connect Milan with Naples and Rome, recorded an almost double increase in bookings (117% and 92%) during the week of the concert, compared to the previous week. Another route with a more than significant increase is the Milan-Florencewhich saw the number of passengers increase by 69%.

Finally, there are also the calculations of the research office of Confcomercio Milan: from July 12 to 14 hotel occupancy registered +4% and short-term rentals +11%.

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