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The digital age has brought us many conveniences and opportunities, but also new risks. Cyber ​​attacks are growing at an alarming rate, making cyber security one of the most critical areas for Europe. The European Union, with the aim of strengthening its resilience and security against digital threats, established the European Center of Competence in Cybersecurity (ECCC).

The ECCC, based in Bucharest, Romania, is not only a new institution, but a critical infrastructure that connects and strengthens the defense capabilities of all EU member states.

Written by Athanasios Staveris, former Secretary General of Telecommunications and Posts

A need born of danger

Cyber ​​attacks are no longer science fiction scenarios, but everyday reality. Ransomware attacks, data breaches and digital espionage threaten governments, businesses and ordinary citizens. In this landscape, the need for strong and coordinated action on cybersecurity is more urgent than ever.

The European Union, recognizing these risks, has established the ECCC as a center that will not only coordinate European cyber security policy, but also support research and innovation in this area. This center collaborates with the National Coordination Centers (NCC) in each Member State, creating a strong network to deal with digital threats.

The ECCC vision

The ECCC set out to strengthen cybersecurity in Europe through the development and implementation of a strategic agenda that promotes research, innovation and collaboration. Funding projects that increase the resilience of European infrastructure and data protection is one of the center’s main tools.

But ECCC doesn’t stop there. It promotes cooperation between Member States, academia and industry, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and best practices. This means that EU countries can benefit from the experiences and innovations of other countries, creating a stronger, more connected and secure digital ecosystem.

The benefits of ECCC initiatives

ECCC initiatives offer many benefits to Europe. Through its strategic agenda, this center supports the development of new technologies and cybersecurity solutions that can address modern threats. Funding projects aimed at strengthening systems resilience and data protection is critical to maintaining security in the digital age.

One of the main strengths of the ECCC is to foster cooperation between member states. Through this cooperation, knowledge and best practices are shared, which strengthens the overall security of the EU. In addition, the ECCC acts as a catalyst for innovation, encouraging the development of new technologies that can provide a better protection against cyber threats.

The creation of the ECCC is only the beginning. Its success will depend on its ability to adapt to ever-changing cyber threats and foster innovation and collaboration. As cyberattacks become increasingly complex and dangerous, the need for strong and coordinated action on cybersecurity becomes ever more urgent.

The European Union, through the ECCC, has taken an important step in this direction. Investing in cyber security is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. With the support of the ECCC, Europe can strengthen its position on the global cyber security scene and ensure a safer digital future for all its citizens.

The creation of the European Cybersecurity Competence Center (ECCC) represents an important initiative to strengthen cyber security in Europe. Through its strategic agenda and cooperation with National Coordination Centres, the ECCC supports the development and implementation of innovative solutions that can protect EU infrastructure and citizens from ever-changing cyber threats .

The success of the ECCC will depend on its ability to adapt to new challenges and strengthen cooperation between member states. With the support of the ECCC, Europe can ensure a more secure digital future and strengthen its competitiveness on the global cyber security stage.

For Greece, active participation in ECCC is imperative. Our country faces ongoing cybersecurity challenges, and working with the ECCC can provide the tools and resources needed to strengthen national resilience. Through this cooperation, Greece will be able to improve the security of its critical infrastructure, protect citizens’ data and strengthen its competitiveness in the field of digital security.

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