Swimtrek, the new way to enjoy the Maltese islands

Imagine finding yourself in front of the pure waters that embrace the islands of Malta, Gozo and Cumino: it is impossible to restrain that irrepressible desire of dive into the sea that he can understand only in the presence of certain sights.

And this is why Malta is the perfect destination for him swimtrek: an exciting way to explore a place, swim along the coast and letting himself be rocked by the waves with a privileged point of view on the continent.

Swimtrek, the new and interesting way to enjoy the Maltese islands

Considered a true philosophy that allows you to discover the world in swimming, the swimtrek should not be understood as a competition, but more a kind of meditation: it means feeling light, moving without haste, letting yourself be enveloped by nature while admiring and making the landscape as a whole unforgettable.

For swimming lovers who choose a destination with the first place water claritythe Maltese archipelago can only be a guarantee: here the visibility reaches up to 50 meters and the sea is so crystal clear that it seems that the boats they rise into the air. The bright shades of blue near the islands vary from turquoise to indigoso whether swimming along the darker waters on the slopes of the high cliffs or near the beautiful shallow bays, the quality and clarity of the water remains unrivaled.

You can get ideas complex itineraries and maybe be accompanied by a support boat while you let yourself be carried by the sweet currents, or you can choose a stretch of coast to discover moving from one bay to another with the swimming style you prefer among the waves of the Mediterranean.

Wonders to explore

Imposing rock arches, caves, enchanting lagoons: Malta, Gozo and Comino boast some the most beautiful natural sites in Europe.

Swim along the rocks of Ta’ Cenc in Gozo will make you understand the greatness of nature as floating above the remains of what was once there Azure windowthe iconic rock arch that collapsed due to natural causes in 2017, offers you a glimpse of the vibrant underwater ecosystem which in a few years was created precisely at that point.

Not far, in the locality Dwejrawith a few strokes you can cross the long and narrow passage of rock that leads from the open sea to‘Inland Seas, and rest in a small lagoon of poignant beauty. Also, if you manage to carry a small airtight container for money while swimming, a delicious lunch stop awaits you along the coast of Gozo. Mgarr Ix-Xinia small fjord loved by divers, on its beach there is a famous kiosk which offers delicious dishes based on fresh fish.

There are no shortage of equally enchanting destinations on the other islands: it is possible to swim around Cuminthe third island of the archipelago, to appreciate the suggestive caves that permeate the coast and then a break in the St. Mary’s Bayget out of the water and take a short walk to the Watchtowerwhich is its symbol, from which you will return by sea arriving at another emblematic place, the fantastic Blue Lagoon.

While all other tourists arrive by boat, those who dedicate themselves to the swimtrek can approach in a gentler way to really understand each aspect with a slower pace and in tune with extraordinary nature of this paradise.

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