Google: Rumors to start Pixel production in India soon

Google getting ready to start making the arrangements Pixels in India, and a new report indicates that it plans to export phones made there to the EU and the United States, and that production will begin soon.

Back at the end of 2023, Google officially announced its plan to start manufacturing several Pixel devices in India from 2024. This plan has not started yet, but it is moving forward. In May, reports said that Google has selected locations in India where Pixel phones can be manufactured.

Now, a report from Money Control indicates that Google is preparing to start trial production of Pixel devices in India. Google plans to start production of “low-end” Pixel in India with the help of Dixon Technologies, which is an electronics manufacturer in India.

The Pixel Pro-branded phones will be manufactured through Foxconn in India.

Full production is rumored to begin in September, after Google announces the Pixel phones on August 13. Most of the phones produced are expected to be exported to the EU and the United States because, comparatively, the sale of Pixel in India is not that big, although it is gradually increasing.

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