Stewart Copeland at No Borders Music Festival

Stewart Copeland arrives at the No Borders Music Festival. The historic drummer and founder of The Police will play on Saturday July 27 at the Fusine Lakes, located on the border between Italy, Austria and Slovenia with the European sustainability label Gstc. Stewart Copeland will take the stage at the No Borders Music Festival 2024 with ‘Police Deranged For Orchestra’, a new live project, accompanied by the Fvg Orchestra (consisting of three singers and a guitarist) with which he will take over the hits of The Police, from “Roxanne” to “Message In A Bottle” to “Don’t Stand Too Close to Me,” plus iconic moments from Copeland’s career, crowned by 40 years of recognition.

As the founder of The Police, a band with more than 60 million records sold worldwide, 6 Grammy Awards and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Copeland has contributed significantly to the growth of rock music since l 1980s to date. Copeland is also a unique figure on the world music scene: he is an experienced and prolific composer of opera, ballet and orchestral music, and has composed soundtracks for film, TV and video games.

The “Police Deranged For Orchestra” project, which sees Copeland perform in the beautiful setting of Laghi di Fusine on July 27, focuses on the epic growth of Stewart’s musical career over four decades, for an orchestral day of high energy. This project was born in 2021 by Copeland himself: the concert is an immersive experience in the great hits of The Police, arranged in a symphonic key, as well as the highlights of Copeland’s compositions. On the official website of the festival you can also consult all the information about the special packages that include, in addition to the ticket for the concert, the rental of excursions with natural guides and the night in a hotel.

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