Pixel 9: Here are some of the features of Google AI

U Pixel 9 she Google, following the fashion of the times, it is expected to present a plethora of artificial intelligence functions and a new leak suggests that these will be grouped under “Google AI” for the next device.

At the end of 2023, a leak hinted that Google was working on an AI assistant for Pixels that uses Gemini and is called. “Pixie”. According to several reports, it will use Gmail, Maps and data from other Google products on your phone to create a personalized version of Google Assistant.

The Android Authority team is now giving us a taste of what we can expect from Google’s ongoing AI efforts. First of all, we have the name “Google AI”, and also a function similar to its Recall Microsoft.

Google’s AI had a feature called “Add me”, which is a camera feature. All are said to be included in a group photo and could be an add-on or extension of the “Best Take” feature on the Pixel 8.

Google AI is also said to have the “Studio”which is a new name for the previously delayed “Creative Assistant” app.

And last, but not least, we have “Pixel Screenshots”. This will allow the AI ​​to search for screenshots and use them as a vast library for information and context. You can also get summaries of screenshots and get AI answers to questions about the information in those screenshots.

This feature, as previously announced, appears to be similar to Microsoft’s Recall in Windows 11. However, it will be a feature selected by AI and will only apply to screenshots that you have taken directly. It seems that everything will be processed on the device, so it should be safer than Recall.

Google AI will probably be introduced soon, with the Pixel 9. The rumored release date is set for August 13.

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