“Paesi di Salute e Benessere”: the Campania project

U Campania It is a tourist destination famous for its dream beaches and cities of art such as Naples and Caserta, rich from an artistic and architectural point of view. But its hinterland boasts many splendid villages, small towns that are often forgotten but still preserve ancient traditions, good food and beauties of all kinds. That is why the project was born “Health and Wellness Villages”, to enhance this incredible cultural and landscape heritage. Let’s find out something more.

The lesser-known beauties of Campania

Apart from most famous part of Campaniaconsisting of dream places such as the Amalfi Coast and the city of Naples, there is a rich heritage of small towns that are often almost unknown, which nevertheless have a lot to offer tourists. Almost always located inland and subject to that phenomenon known as depopulation, where fewer and fewer young people decide to live in such remote places, these countries still boast. wonderful architecturedelicious food and wine and landscapes that have nothing to envy of the most renowned.

The idea, therefore, is to promote an initiative that will strengthen all this wealthfrom the perspective of a slow and sustainable tourism. So the focus is above all on the discovery of local cuisines, nature and open spaces, traditional cultures, well-being and dream landscapes, through the experiences of “slow living” and mobility alternative U local villages they will thus be repopulated again, allowing to safeguard their almost forgotten beauties which, therefore, absolutely deserve to be rediscovered.

The “Villages of Health and Wellbeing” project.

These are the objectives of the project “Countries of Health and Wellbeing”, the new initiative promoted by the Campania Region. It will be presented from June 12 to 14, 2024 as part of the General States on the Environmentin the historical heart of the Mostra d’Oltremare di Naples. There are many “green” innovations that will be proposed on this occasion, to make Campania and its territory more and more sustainable even at the tourism level. The program is aimed at value the towns of the Campania hinterland wants to create a territorial network including more than 300 municipalities.

They have already submitted their application to the project 48 country networks, who were asked to develop initiatives that take into consideration the historical, landscape and cultural relevance of the countries involved. The formation of local associations will be encouraged for the management of the network, its offer and its products Sustainable development. In short, the objective is to involve not only local authorities and cultural associations, but also residents, entrepreneurs and artists, tourism agencies and private companies.

To promote the “Villages of Health and Wellness” project, a Web portal dedicated to the brand through which tourists can find all the necessary information. A real showcase in four languages ​​(at least to start), with all the activities and attractions, restaurants, hotels and beauties to discover on site. It will be a different way to discover Campania and its hinterland, returning to admire magnificent landscapes and almost always remains intact in time, until now ignored by tourism.

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