Discovering Favignana, the island hired by the “Guardian”

The is land of Favignana it is a real corner of paradise, where many tourists go in droves during the summer to enjoy the sun and its beautiful beaches. But out of season, especially at the end of spring, the silence of nature reigns supreme: it feels like being alone, in a place far from the world. And it is this is how it is said guardian in his splendid praise to this all-Italian pearl, perhaps still little known by foreign travellers.

The island of Favignana, between history and mythology

the Aegadian archipelago located off the northwest coast of Sicily, it is considered a splendid tourist destination for Italians looking for dream beaches and a bit of relaxation. Of course, less known among tourists, this place still seems uncontaminated, especially away from the summer season. theisland of Favignanawhich is the largest, still remains a small plot of land covered with Mediterranean scrub and inhabited by just under 3,500 people, a true oasis of peace for those looking for a peaceful holiday.

But it wasn’t always like that: historically, the island lived very bloody facts like the first Punic war, the barbarian invasions and the transformation into a place of confinement for political opponents – the Mazzinian Giovanni Nicotera was imprisoned here, released only after the landing of the Thousand. Legend has it however that Favignana was the inspiring islandOdysseythe historian Homer’s poem. According to some scholars, it was along its shores that Ulysses’ crew stopped before the mythological encounter with the Cyclops.

Discovering the island of Favignana

The best way to visit Favignana is riding a bicycle, since the island is really small and almost flat. So you can really enjoy the breathtaking views that nature offers, pedaling in silence interrupted only by the song of the birds and the sound of the sea. One of the unmissable stops to discover the most authentic side of the island can only be its historic tuna fishing, the largest in the entire Mediterranean. Belong to Florio familyprotagonist of the recent TV series The lions of Sicily it has been closed for some time due to the regular regulations on bluefin tuna fishing.

The complex of buildings that form the factory, however, has been restored in recent years and today it houses a beautiful museum, which offers an incredible tour of the ancient tradition of tuna fishing and processing methods. Inside there is also a Antiquarium where it is possible to admire the precious finds found in the sea around the Egadi islands. After diving into the history of this small island, all that remains is to continue exploring its most beautiful landscapes, including the beaches so popular with tourists.

The best known is certainly that of Cala Rossa, a rocky beach where the sea is really clear. They are no less fascinating beaches of Cala Azzurra and Bue Marino, with its rocks above the water. And the Burrone beach, the only one with sand on the whole island? To enjoy an authentic experience, all you have to do is visit them all. And, of course, stop every now and then to refresh with the many local delicacies: from fresh fish to the famous brioche with ice cream, like the perfect Sicilian tradition.

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