Knee pain: what sports can I do?

Swimming, the ideal sport

Swimming is the ideal sport for people with bad knees. “When you swim, the water cushions the movements and allows the knees to carry only 10% of the body’s weight,” explains the doctor. The resistance of water, greater than that of air, will also increase your muscle tone without overloading your joints.

Longe-côte and aquagym

If you are not a fan of swimming, you can also walk in the water. The body is under the belt, which allows, like swimming, to use the leg muscles without straining the joints. “At the sea, you can practice long-côte, which has become very fashionable,” he emphasizes Victoria Tchaikovsky. In the city you can do aquagym. It has the same virtues as walking in water and more, it’s fun!

The bicycle

Like swimming, cycling will also allow the knees to not support the entire weight of the body. “As we are sitting, the knee will not be impacted. We will work the thigh muscles.” An asset if you are in a knee rehabilitation period! However, avoid putting too much force on the ribs…


Hiking attracts more and more people. Whether you do it at your own pace or the Nordic walk (more sporty and toned) with sticks, walking is your best ally. It helps relieve pain and improve joint function. Walking really strengthens the muscles around the joints and also slows down the destruction of cartilage. “This practice also prevents cardiovascular diseases, since the resistance will make our cardiac function work”, underlines the specialist.

The Pilates method

Pilates is a gentle physical activity, similar to yoga. “Using a floor mat, the exercises consist of working on posture, breathing and the use of the muscle chain,” describes the sports doctor. If your knees are not used, this method will strengthen your muscles for core exercises. Your joints are also less stressed.

Should racing be banned?

“Not necessarily,” assures the specialist. A person who has painless osteoarthritis, that is without pain attacks, can run very well or even return to tennis! “Sport will help reduce muscle loss and reduce knee pain, as our muscles will become denser,” he explains. “As for running, it can also have an anti-inflammatory effect.” As long as you favor soft surfaces (dirt paths or gym mats) and avoid running on the road.

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