In seven years, the city of Figeac helped to restore 89 facades of the old center

the essential Around Figeac, heritage plays a major role in the commercial and touristic economy of the city. The city has a policy of safeguarding the built heritage by encouraging owners to renovate their buildings. For seven years, construction sites have multiplied in the heart of Figeac, pushed by the help of the city that has successfully launched aid for the restoration of facades.

In the historic heart of Figeac, just look around to discover heritage gems. The stones and half of the timbering of the buildings regain the color. There are no shortage of examples on rue Roquefort, rue de Colomb or even rue Séguier to contemplate recently restored facades. The owners of these houses benefited from a incentive aid from the city of Figeac. Launched in 2018, the system has shown its value: in seven years, 89 facades, or 59 buildings, have been restored for a budget of €550,000 in aid voted by the city.

Facade restored with the help of the city of Figeac rue Séguier
City of Figeac

With the help to work and the exit bonus of the vacant house, the total cost of the works undertaken by the owners who receive assistance from the city represent €4,665,000. We also want to add assistance for the beautification of 29 storefronts in the city center. Since 2019, the city has contributed to the financing of this work to the value of 70,000 euros.

Additional aid to the aid of the Grand Figeac and the National Housing Agency

In Figeac, the aid for the restoration of facades amounts to 30% of the amount excluding the work tax, limited to €8,000 per facade and €16,000 per building subject to the criteria of eligibility. It is necessary that the building is, for example, located in the perimeter of the remarkable heritage. The Heritage Foundation and the City of Figeac have agreed to allow the owners to benefit a tax deduction of up to 100% of the amount of employment tax.

Facade restored with the help of the city of Figeac rue d'Anjou
Facade restored with the help of the city of Figeac rue d’Anjou
City of Figeac

An aid that acts as a trigger for a general renovation. “This funding from the city is complementary to the systems put in place by Grand Figeac and the National Housing Agency (Anah)” specifies Sophie Chevalier, Responsible for the Action Cœur de Ville project. The program ” He lives in Grand Figeac » allows the owners who have a modest income to obtain substantial financial aid. From January 2024, the Grand Figeac will also finance a bonus for first-time buyers buy vacant housing.

“We are therefore complementary with the aid of the Grand Figeac which allows us to conditionally finance energy renovation works or the rehabilitation of degraded housing.” As for the restoration of the facade, “The aid applies to scaffolding, masonry, carpentry, iron work, painting. People then have three years to do the work and an obligation for global rehabilitation if the interior is not not habitable,” explains Sophie Chevalier. . The head of the mission invites the owners who still want to benefit from this help not to delay in presenting their restoration project. “This aid is expected until 2025, after which we still do not have visibility.” For his part, Hélène Lacipière, assistant for culture and heritage, insists that “It is not about cosmetic renovation but about the idea of ​​making Figeac a pleasant city to live in. These facade restorations beautify our city. But, all measures of home renovation show that it goes much further than a simple decoration.

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