“It’s the anti-Marbella”: a mega project of 15 luxury villas is being prepared in Spain

Sotogrande is the anti-Marbella, the anti-bling-bling!» Kévin, sixty years old, is happy to have chosen this open seaside resort, in San Roque, south of Andalusia, well known to golfers. This Irish-American man is over the moon as soon as he and his family, who have lived there for four years, pack their bags.first once or twice a month then four to five months a year» in this Spanish paradise of peace. “We were looking for a place in the sun with a family atmosphere, quiet and security, without being cut off from the village. And we found itsays Kevin. Surprisingly, they chose winter to settle there. “The temperature is very pleasant in winter, the weather is always nice and we are calmassures In summer, we have our habits in France and Italy.”

However, Rita Jordao, director of sales and marketing of Sotogrande SA, ensures that the flows of the British, Belgians, French, Nordics and the elite of Madrid are perfectly managed. “There is no risk of overtourism because Sotogrande is not a tourist destination but a residential one.» This destination welcomes a community of 2,500 people throughout the year, which rises to 8,000 in high season. To welcome the new arrivals, a mega project of 15 luxury villas from 200 to 250 m² camped on a plot of more than 2500 m², will see the light in the coming months. Called “Le 15” (in reference to the number of villas), it is located in the heart of a gated residence, La Reserva, which offers “breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and northern Africa“. The price of the plot? Between 2 and 2.5 million euros. That of the villas has not been revealed. To answer to “the most demanding tastes», each villa extends over three floors and has a total of seven bedrooms. Not to mention the 10 bathrooms, an elevator, several fireplaces, two swimming pools (one indoor and one outdoor), a gym, a cellar and even a garage that can accommodate eight vehicles. The cost of the project? 12 million euros.

“Not a pensioner’s ghetto”

his place”guarantees exclusivity and calm to each property that extends over about half a hectare“. With the aim of making everyone feel good here, whatever their age. “VSIt was the vision of the founder, Joseph McMicking, a Filipino-American businessman who bought the land of Sotogrande more than 60 years ago. At the time there were four farms. He made a resort in Spanish style, full of activities, be it sports (golf of course, but also polo, beach club, padel, cycling, tennis, etc.), gastronomic, cultural and even academic, since an international school, which welcomes every year from childhood 1,300 schoolchildren. in adulthood, it is close to encouraging the owners to live there all year round“, says Rita Jordao.

Architecturally, the properties will adopt current trends. “We opted for horizontal buildings (see main illustration) so that they fit perfectly into nature and maximize the viewexplains Manuel Ruiz Moriche, the architect behind the project. They will have roofs designed for solar panels, natural ventilation systems and a self-managed swimming pool. Our commitment is to create a project where nature, spaces, natural light and a personal lifestyle merge to form sustainable homes.»

An environment that pleased Kevin but also his four children and their friends who “comes regularly» in Sotogrande. “Sotogrande is not a pension ghetto. There is something for every age. There are no discos, but there are many sports and you can get away from it all – Seville is an hour away, the Moroccan coast about 40 minutes by ferry.» Because, in Sotogrande, the watchword is «relaxation and freedom (freedom)!”, hammers Rita Jordao.

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