Beauty festival: a summer of ‘iconic images and thoughts’

He Festival of beauty returns to stage artists, authors, journalists and musicians in the symbolic places of the Italian historical-artistic heritage. The eleventh edition, presented to the press at Villa Medici in Rome, offers philosophical, literary and art conferences, unpublished theatrical monologues, national premieres, concerts. 41 events, between June and October, which will revolve around the theme “Iconic images and thoughts”.

Opening on June 3 right at Villa Medici with the lectio di Melanie Mazzucco Scandal. The feminine in art between representation and perception, in collaboration with the French Academy of Rome. The following will be expressed on the topic, from different perspectives, from intellectuals and artists like Alessandro D’Avenia, Sonia Bergamasco, Roberto Vecchioni, Massimo Recalcati, Stefania Auci, Federico Buffa, Morgan, Lella Costa, Aldo Cazzullo, Umberto Galimberti, Antonio Caprarica, Arianna Porcelli Safonov, Flavio Caroli, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Igor Sibaldi, Barbara Stefanelli, Giordano Bruno Guerri, Beppe Severgnini, Stefano Massini, Guia Soncini, Aldo Grasso, Massimo Cacciari, Chiara Gamberale, Matteo Garrone.

“This year – says the artistic director Alcide Marchioro – we will go between thoughts and images around which life takes shape and meaning, that imagination from which, with its symbolic references, reality derives. From the conceptual and narrative inventiveness of figures such as Plato, Jesus, Nietzsche and Freud to that of great artists who express themselves through meaningful and poetic visual or sound signs. In the idea of ​​the Festival to combine reflection with perception, we will be in direct contact with some of these iconic works such as Temples of Selinunte, Leonardo’s Last Supper, Fontana’s cuts and those of Michelangelo, Palladio, Portaluppi, Scarpa, Burri in which the fusion between idea and form, between the mental and its aesthetic material and the sensory transposition is emblematic. Beauty as a symbol of symbols“.

Conceived around the idea of ​​”art in art”, the Festival increases the number of places and will be present in 21 places that are symbols of our cultural tradition, from the classical world (Temples of Selinunte, Caves of Catullus), through medieval, renaissance works (such as Leonardo’s Last Supper) and works of the 18th century (such as the Bibiena Theatre), up to the emblematic works of the 20th century such as Il Victorious and the Cretto di Burri.

After the opening at the Villa Medici in Rome, according to tradition the route will start from Verona and will have a choice area in the Veneto: the Roman theater of Verona it will be the main place for the events that will take place on the shores of Lake Garda, in the 16th century. Villa Guarienti of Brenzone a Punta San Vigilioto the great medieval frescoed hall Palazzo della Ragione in Padua, al Brion Memorial, Carlo Scarpa’s masterpiece between modernism and Eastern philosophies. Other events in historical villas and gardens, eighteenth century, a Villa Mosconi Bertani is to Villa Guerrieri Rizzardi in Negrar di Valpolicella.

This edition includes a journey through Palladio’s most famous works with events at Olympic Theatre and to Palladian Basilica and, for the first time, a Villa La Rotonda in Vicenza is to Villa Barbaro fresco by Paolo Veronese A central place of reflection will be Milan, with reference to the 15th and 20th centuries, centuries when it was among the international capitals of art and culture: as well as Leonardo’s Last Supperthe Festival will propose events to Château Sforzesco, Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Villa Necchi Campiglio di Portaluppi and Sala Fontana dell’Arengario.

Appointment tickets are available on the Ticketone and Verona Box Office circuits (online and sales points). Info and updates on and on the Festival’s Facebook and Instagram social channels

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