HUAWEI Freebuds 6i Review “Shakes the waters in its category”!

We often write, perhaps exaggerated, that the arrival of a new product “shakes up” the water in the market, but in this particular case, this describes the situation exactly. U HUAWEI FreeBuds 6i which have just arrived in the Greek market make it very “difficult” for the competition, as they offer premium features at a cost. under €100so it is a fact that will attract many potential buyers… let’s see!

The FreeBuds 6i comes in three colors, Black, white and purple, the latter we also had at our disposal. In the package you will find the earphone with its case, cable USB Type-A to Type-C and spare parts ears in different sizes.

The case has matte finish with a very beautiful result visually. It weighs 34 gr and it is oval, punches everywhere and is easily worn. The lid is easy to open and the headphones can be removed even with one hand, for those who are used to it. Every bud weighs 5.4 gr and strictness IP54 ensures its resistance even to light exposure to water (splashproof) or to intense sports activity/sweating.

The two main features of the FreeBuds 6i that put them in the “premium” category, despite their low price, are the sound quality and the extraordinary 3rd generation active noise cancellation. For discerning listeners who aren’t content with “simple” audio reproduction, this is a major selling point. The guides are from 11 mm, quad magnet, Hi-Res Audio certified and now provides powerful and deep bass at a frequency of up to 14 KHz, being clearly improved from its predecessors in this area.

Ambient noise cancellation is not “new” under €100, but sets vary considerably in how effectively they implement it. ANC is quite effective in HUAWEI headphones and now… Super Silence, can isolate from the environment, but with an easy transition to “pass” in the way Transparency mode, when you need it.

Control is done by touching the outside of the headset and the app it is useful, especially in connection with several devices at the same time and also selection of different EQs, according to your tastes. Going back to ANC, there are three different ways. Of course, one of these will work for you, depending on where you are and what you want.

The connection is excellent BT 5.3 and you can use FreeBuds 6i comfortably simultaneously with two devices, with a very easy and automatic change between them (for example, mobile-laptop, mobile-smartwatch, laptop-tablet, etc.).

We close with the autonomy, which is also clearly improved compared to the previous model of the company, in the same category. remains very satisfactory. With batteries 55 mAh inside each bud and 510mAh Inside the case, you can wait 5 hours music player with ANC and 8 without ANC, only with bombs. Along with the charging case we go 20 and 35 hours respectively, performances that are well above the market average!

U HUAWEI FreeBuds 6i are available in Greece for 99.9 € and probably in this price category, its choice is a “no-brainer”. The ergonomics, the autonomy, the sound quality, the ANC and the construction are at a high level, as is the connectivity, so you will hardly find anything better!

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