European Witch Award: Neige Sinno wins, translator Luciana Cisbani also awarded

Snow Sinno with the novel sad tiger (Black Puddle), win the eleventh edition of European Witch Award. Recognition was also awarded to Liciana Cisbani, translator of the winning book, as a tangible sign of the importance of translation as a tool of dialogue and knowledge. The award ceremony was held at the Readers’ Club. He European Witch Award he once again renewed his collaboration with the Turin International Book Fair.

The authors selected again this year presented their respective books in competition at the Salon, each in an individual meeting, between Friday the 10th e Sunday, May 12.During the award ceremony, made by the journalist Eva Giovanniniin addition to the five candidate authors, Stefano Petrocchidirector of the Bellonci Foundation, who brought greetings from Giuseppe D’Avinopresident of Strega Alberti Benevento, Claudia Corazzahead of the Sponsorships Office of BPER Banca, which offers the translation award, and Giulio Biino ed Elena Lowenthalrespectively president and director of the Circle Readers Foundation.

The book of Snow Sinno He got it 10 votes from a total of 23 expressed by the jury composed of 25 Italian writers Witch Award winners and finalists: Marco Amerighi, Silvia Avallone, Andrea Bajani, Marco Balzano, Giuseppe Catozzella, Antonella Cilento, Mario Ten, Claudia Durastanti, Paolo Giordano, Helena Janeczek, Nicholas Lagioia, Lia Levy, Melania G. Mazzucco, Daniel Mencarelli, Marco Missiroli, Matteo Nucci, Valeria Parrella, Roman Petri, Sandra Petrignani, Veronica Raimo, Antonio Scurati, Elena Stancanelli, Dominic Starnone, Nadia Terranova, Sandro Veronesi.The European Witch Award was born in 2014

I award-winning books in previous editions:

2023 Emmanuel Carrère, V13 (Adelphi), translated by Francesco Bergamasco.

2022 Amelie Nothomb, First blood (Voland), translated by Federica Di Lella. Mikhail Shishkin, Vanishing point (21 letters), translated by Emanuela Bonacorsi.

2021 Georgi Gospodinov, Refuge time (Voland), translated by Giuseppe Dell’Agata.

2020 Judith Schalansky, Inventory of some lost things (at night), translated by Flavia Pantanella.

2019 David Diop, Soul brothers (Neri Pozza), translated by Giovanni Bogliolo.

2018 Fernando Aramburu, Fatherland (Guanda), translated by Bruno Arpaia.

2017 Jenny Erpenbeck, Enter the verb go (Sellerio), translated by Ada Vigliani.

2016 Annie Ernaux, Years (The imprint), translated by Lorenzo Flabbi.

2015 Katya Petrovskaya, Maybe Esther (Adelphi), translated by Ada Vigliani.

2014 Marcos Giralt Torrente, The time of life (Elliot), translated by Pierpaolo Marchetti.

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